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  1. I must say that before now, every single crochet pattern I've seen has confused me and made me scratch my head like a cartoon Ape. Yesterday I was buying yarn at Pacific Fabrics and Crafts (I wish they had a larger Yarn section...) and I saw a free pattern for a hat. I decided to grab it and try it with the yarn I got. It's been about 4 months since I first started to Crochet. I made my first scarves not following any pattern because they just didn't make any sense. While I didn't get the pattern just right (Probably because I kept getting bugged while I was trying to make the darn thing) I was able to do most of it... It was the last couple of parts that I realized I had made a mistake somewhere, and for the most part, I understood what to do. (I'll have to take some pics of the nephew with his cool hat on later to show ya'll later!) Here's my question: For those of you who can follow patterns; How long after you first started learning to Crochet did the instructions in an easy pattern start to click?
  2. Oh wow that looks very nice! I don't have the money for something so expensive, but I'm still a beginner when it comes to crochet. Maybe one day when I'm old and don't enjoy computer games anymore...
  3. I know how you feel. Yesterday I got so frustrated when I was making a cap for my Nephew. Somehow I managed to mess up despite that I was very carefully counting stitches and paying close attention to what the pattern said. Luckily I had my nephew on hand to try it out on as I was working on it and I managed to decrease enough that my problem with bye-bye... It didn't come out as good as I had hoped, but it is a decent cap anyway. Last night it got cold and snowy so it turned out to be a good thing. I just hope he doesn't take it off and forget it at school... That would be a major bummer. It was the first pattern I'd ever tried to make so I guess I'll just get better as I go. We all have our mistakes. At least you can unravel it right?
  4. That sounds way too much like my Sister in Cali's hubby...
  5. When I come across a chunk of tangled up, knotted yarn, I try to work it out...
  6. I think what ForesterGirl was saying was that her Mom used the spun wool for various things or sold it. Would YOU be using it at all?
  7. Oh man, I need to keep an eye on Pickles... Such a good comic!
  8. They could learn to do it left handed. As it is a new skill, there should be no problems...
  9. Writing with a pencil does that to me... If I keep to the keyboard and stay away from pencils of any sort... (Which is kinda a bummer because I like to draw with colored pencils) I don't get tendinitis flare ups. It helps that I do not hold my hook like a pencil.
  10. I buy colors I like. I'm also a newbie crocheter, (I am not to the point of being able to follow a pattern in a book or anything like that, though earlier the pattern on a yarn label was starting to make sense...) so I am not doing any huge projects. Most of what I've been doing are one-skein projects. I also have had experience as a child in working with colors I don't like. That was what kept me from keeping with crocheting as a child so... I don't buy if I am not fond of the color, or colors if it is a multi-colored yarn. Maybe if I were you, stick with the colors you like working with. I have however bought 1 skein of sock yarn with a future project in mind. There's a class being offered here a week or so after my birthday that deals with making a pair of socks. I chose a multi colored yarn that looks good to me, though I wish there had been more selection in the brand I found... (It was a pain finding yarn that specifically said it was for socks at the crafts store down the street from my residence...) I still like the colors of that specific yarn even though it has an odd name that I don't really feel goes with the colors used in it... There will probably come a time when you buy your yarn with a specific project in mind, but until that time comes, buy what you can afford and also like. I would love to be able to go into a crochet store and buy all the yarn I want and stash it away, but alas, I have nowhere to put it. My desk can't fit much yarn in the biggest drawer I have named my Crochet Storage Drawer...
  11. Yep! I kinda owe her a Christmas present anyway... She got me a game I wanted, but at the time I didn't have enough money nor enough yarn to make scarves for the entire family...
  12. Yesterday I nearly completed the Hat/bag I was making... Unfolded, it goes down to my chin, but with it folded up a bit, it makes a good hat... Especially on my sister. So I decided instead of it being a bag like I intended after I realized I made the circle I started for it too loose, it will be a hat, for my sister. And I'll use the rest of the yarn I intended on using for the rest of the "bag" for a scarf to go along with it... Amazing how some projects turn out. I'll post pictures as soon as I finish the hat and scarf and have my sister model them.
  13. I just found my G hook in the depths of the couch earlier today. It's weird because I could have sworn that I'd had it in my bedroom last... I also found my niece's Nintendo DS and her old cell phone... Funny thing is, now my Cell Phone has gone missing.
  14. When I was working on what was supposed to be a blanket for my friend's daughter, I had already finished using one skein of yarn when I realized I'd been making a mistake all along. I was decreasing each row. So I unraveled what I could and used the second skein I'd been using for that blanket for a Scarf that became a Christmas Present for my SIL. I am using the 3rd skein of yarn from that project gone wrong on what had begun as a hat but transformed into a bag. Now if only I could find the hook I was using for it. Sadly I don't have a lot of extras of my hooks. The only hook I have extra of is my J hook, but I was working with my G hook. I think I will let myself enjoy 1 more cup of Tea and then I will tear apart my bedroom looking for it. I'm sure it has to be in here somewhere.
  15. I was so happy when my Sister decided to chuck the knitting needles to the side (She got bored with it) and learn to Crochet instead. I taught her to use half double crochet which looks pretty awesome. Now if only I could find the hook I was doing my bag with! Grr!
  16. I accidentally left a skein of yarn near my rats' cage and they are using what they chewed and pulled from it as bedding. Hmm, I wonder, if I make them a hammock will they actually use it or just chew it apart?
  17. Maybe if your workspace has lead...
  18. The one with the blue head looks kinda like a Chia from Neopets!
  19. Oh man... That's a bummer. Well, I'm sure they will, I mean, at least I think they will have it again, but if not, I'm sure there's plenty of other groups that could do with a nice scarf or two, or a hundred...
  20. Do I ever! Earlier this month Pacific Crafts and Fabrics (Or is it Fabrics and Crafts...) was having a sale on the Crochet Lites hooks. But they only had 4 sizes and all of them smaller sizes than the Crystalites I am using currently... But I did acquire two of them, one of them in the size I need for that Toe Up Sock tutorial in March... I would have bought all four sizes available but alas, money is a factor in purchases which is in low supply as of late... I've also considered seeing if my mom will let me rummage through her storage unit the next time I'm in Cali so I can try and find her ol Boye hook set and put those old things to use again. That is, if she still has them in storage... I should probably add that I'm hopelessly disorganized. There will be days that I get a bit insane about everything getting put in it's place, but that never lasts for long and eventually my hooks will wind up in different drawers of my desk.
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