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  1. Welcome from Lynnwood, WA, Julie! You can just call me Aprildawn, or April, or Dawn. I like making Afghans too! Might I suggest getting a cheap set of stitch markers and use them to mark the end of your rows?
  2. I used to have one of those dolls when I was little. Lets just say I was more fond of my Cabbage Patch dolls and my stuffed bears than I was of that ol, thing.
  3. I use a plastic zipper bag that was the packaging for the new shower curtain I recently bought for my crochet hooks, and other tools. I shouldn't have kept the knitting needles in it though, because those caused holes. Good thing I set knitting aside for another place and time because it is obvious I cannot figure it out.
  4. I have always wanted to learn Japanese. Perhaps one day, I will buy a Japanese crochet book and use that as a form of practice. I am pretty sure the community college has Japanese Language classes. But first I need to focus on other things.
  5. I think I saw Beyond the Square at Joann's when I was picking up a replacement hook for the H that I had somehow lost on my way home from work a while back but had been using constantly for the granny ripple afghan I'm working on.
  6. I often wish I could turn the hallway closet into a yarn collection. With as many colors as I feel I could like in all types of yarn so that I could make whatever I want, whenever I want.
  7. Sometimes. But I also do a quick slip knot with yarn strands to keep them from being too long and getting in my way while still giving me plenty of yarn to easily weave in with later.
  8. I agree, especially if you use one of the softer acrylic yarns.
  9. I can't help but feel so happy right now. For the longest time I have wondered what pattern my mother used on the rainbow ripple afghan I have so many fond memories of. Just today I was looking for Crochet pattern books in a thrift store near my work with one of the ladies I help out during the day, and found a pattern book from 1981 with several afghan patterns; One of which looks very close to the afghan I have wanted to try to recreate ever since I started crocheting.
  10. I know. I'll be so engrossed in my crocheting, I'll forget to go to the bathroom before I leave for work, or before I leave work to get home and during the bus ride to or from work I will realize, oh noes, I need to go potty!
  11. I myself feel that a video is the best way to start learning Crochet if one does not have a person close to them that can teach them. My sister had bought a book to teach crochet and only now (a year and a half after I started to crochet) am I finally able to clearly understand the book itself, and just started to do a pattern from it. I don't know if it's just the wording used in the book or the lack of good pictures showing what to do, but I never would have been able to really learn from the book from the get-go.
  12. I figured out how to do the quadruple crochet stitch just recently and it was just because I was fussing about with a new skein of yarn and experimenting because I was bored with making hats for the time being.
  13. :crocheting:crochetingGet ready for bed... No wait, I'll do another row and then I'll do the dishes really quick... Just one more single row and I'll brush my teeth and then I'll turn out the lights, and then I'll go to bed... :crocheting:crocheting Ever have this happen? Where you know you need to go to bed because you have things to do in the morning, but you still want to keep working on a project even though you could easily squeeze in time during the next day to do it? I keep telling myself I'll get ready for bed after such and such row on the Granny Ripple Afghan I'm working on, but no matter what, I keep coming back either onto here, or taking it out and working on it some more. Three rows was enough to get the pattern stuck in my head that I'm pretty sure that when I finally do turn out the light, that I run the risk of doing some sleep-crocheting. Maybe it's just the heat, making me want to not be completely still, or maybe it's just that I want to have something to show off on my way to work on monday.
  14. I totally had the same issue at first, thinking that the Slip Stitch was Single Crochet, but I frogged what I had and started over, because it was just some cheap yarn I was practicing on anyway. I still have trouble sometimes and have learned to be able to pretty much see where I went wrong and get to the point just before it. Just pray you didn't slip stich too tightly or you won't be able to easily rip those slip stitches out.
  15. I use 100% acrylic yarn with Susan Bates Silverlume hooks and before that I was using the Susan Bates Crystalites. Give it some time to let yourself get used to crocheting.
  16. Here's an idea to see if you like the style of the Bates hooks. Go to whatever store you go to for your hooks, get one of the Bates plastic hooks in a size you use often, try it out, and if you don't like it, don't bother.
  17. I have actually considered getting a set as my right wrist is a troublesome part of my body. I am glad that it is rarely my actual hand that hurts, because I can guarantee you that if I were a pencil-style crocheter, I would definitely have issues. I can't even write with a pencil for very long.
  18. I myself am pretty fond of the Susan Bates hooks. Boye Hooks just don't work well for me. I think it may have to do with how tight my stitches are.
  19. When I first started crocheting, I was using the crystalites, and only had a problem with the hook snapping after constant use because I was just using them so much and I guess there was too much stress because of how tightly I was holding the hook and also how tight my stitches are. I just bought a set of Silverlites and they glide just as well as the crystalites did for me, though I have no fear of them snapping in the middle of a project. My only fear now is losing a hook which I came very close to doing this morning when I was waiting at the bus stop near my place, and set down my project to take a drink and the hook slipped from the project and onto the ground though I was looking in my bag and around my bag, not on the ground by my feet until the last moment.
  20. I just got a set of silverlumes, but not really noticed any squeaking. They are stamped as being made in Mexico, but no big deal... I usually listen to music when crocheting anyway, or am in a noisy environment like a city bus.
  21. I think I shall watch that movie tomorrow with my sister in law when I go over to watch her.
  22. Honestly to me the ends look like they were made from phillips screwdrivers.
  23. I decided recently to get a head start on Christmas gifts, particularly for my family out of state. As I sat pondering exactly what I could do, I was inspired by my favorite book series: Harry Potter. But what to do exactly. I was kind of stuck with the idea of exactly what to do. I am pretty much a beginner at Crochet, and nervous when it comes to doing anything more than than single crochet and am not much good at following patterns, but I managed to make a decent hat in Gryffindor colors and am in the process of making a scarf to go with it. I really do need to get some metal hooks considering my Crystalites always snap in half at the same area. I had to redo the first earflap I made but it turned out great, all that's left is to do the strings to adhere the earflaps onto ones ears on a blustery day. It's for my nephew, James. Here is a picture of the WIP: http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b339/childofdarkness1988/Picture14-1.jpg I'm also working on a Scarf to go with it. I will post pictures as I continue getting projects done. I will be doing a nearly identical set for my eldest sister (James' Mother) as well, and a Slytherin set for his father.
  24. I am not superstitious at all. I have a black cat who is like 7 years old now. If there is anything I believe is bad luck, it was being born into the family which I was born into.
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