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  1. Same here. Boye hooks make crocheting impossible for me too. I have to use Susan Bates hooks.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions but I did decide to unravel. Luckily it wasn't too much to do and I almost go to the point where I was at when I noticed it by the time needed to put it away before I got off the bus.
  3. I just discovered an error in the row I was working on yesterday. Aparently I did a cluster stitch (at least that's what the pattern calls it) where I was supposed to do three double crochet. I think it would probably turn out okay but the perfectionist in me wants to fix it. Oi I hate unraveling...
  4. Oh boy do I ever! There's a reason I ball my yarn as soon as I get home from the store... Sometimes I start as soon as I get to the bus stop or if I decide to stop at a restaurant, while I wait for my order.
  5. I think that perhaps there are some people who are just more inclined to crochet than knitting.
  6. Most of the handmade stuff I find in Thrift Stores is either poorly made or doesn't look very good either because of color, or the design itself. What I like to find in Stores is good yarn that doesn't feel too scratchy. Once I found not only a pattern book intended for doll clothing and accessories, but also a pattern book that contained a pattern very similar to an afghan that I remember having around from the very earliest I can remember, plus an unused skein of the same color/brand Yarn I am using for the afghan I am making my mother.
  7. I tend to lose hooks way too easily as oftentimes I will set something down for a split second and whatever hook I was using goes bye-bye... I also took a long break from crocheting, and now that I am trying to do more work on the blanket I intend to give to my mother, (it is now about 3 feet wide by 3.5 feet long) I am very upset that my bamboo handled hook that I bought specifically for doing that afghan went missing. So I have been using the next size up since I have zero spending money until tomorrow (I hope) but as soon as I do have some cash, I think I am going to take a bus ride to the big Joanns and get a new set of hooks and also some sort of case for them and the accessories that I have. If I have enough, I may also purchase a book of patterns and some more yarn. I would like to give some really good Christmas Presents this year if my wrists don't start hurting too badly. I may have to crochet myself some wrist/arm warmers to prevent the pain but I would be worth it, especially since I now spending approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes either at a bus stop or inside a bus, and one of those bus rides is fairly long and might get longer if my Sister and I move.
  8. I am going to have to make that tote. I am in need of a new tote for carrying around with me.
  9. I have a few WIP's in progress. First and foremost (as in most important to finish quickly) is the scarf to go with the hat and arm warmers I made for my friend's birthday. It was today but I feel as though I am coming down with something and I did not want to risk getting her sick when she was just sick recently. Also in progress are Hat, Armwarmer, and Scarf sets for my family and a Granny Ripple Lapghan for my mother. The Winter sets for the family in CA might also include Afghans (If I can ever work out what I'm doing wrong on the big ripple I was working on for James...) and are Harry Potter themed (color wise). I also will be doing Winter Sets for my Nieces and my youngest Nephew as Winter sets in early here in Western WA. All summer it's been a combination of Sunny and Hotter than comfortable, and cold and painful... I should also do a set of wrist warmers for myself to be prepared so that once Winter does set in, I will be able to do my crocheting without having to jack up the heating bill too much.
  10. I tend to use my H hook the most. So I would pick it... It's a Susan Bates Silvalume. If I needed to use a huge hook I could just use my fingers... (When I am somewhere and have some yarn but not enough to really make anything or just don't have a hook I use my index finger like a crochet hook...)
  11. Well Lion Brand did say they were making ALL their patterns free right? Well maybe it's time to contact them since such a statement is so obviously not true!
  12. When I lose sight of what I'm doing with a project (Which has happened twice with a big afghan for my nephew that just keeps getting messed up though I'm fairly sure I'm following the pattern correctly) I take a break. I go through long periods of time where a particular hobby that I enjoy will not please me anymore and instead I will do one of my other hobbies like writing or find something good to read (I am a chain reader in the sense that I will start reading a book and usually have it done within a day or so.) or I'll even get into a cleaning mood... Or in a cooking mood. Believe it or not, until recently I was never that much of a person who enjoyed cooking. In fact it's really depressing when I would cook for my sister's family because their middle daughter complains about anything and everything and their son wil not eat anything with lettuce or any sort of green leafy thing. It's difficult to balance things like that but it's just the way my mind works. One week I might be obsessed with making christmas presents, the next I might spend every moment of my free time on my computer playing Sims.
  13. I will usually be listening to some sort of music, checking out a site with free patterns, drooling over crocheting tools, and pay patterns that I either can't afford or if I can afford it there are other things that I want more than a new pattern book... I usually do have several tabs open and also chat with family and friends via IM... I also like to have either warm tea or iced tea to drink...
  14. I'm not big on watching TV while crocheting. At work I will crochet while listening to the news (I care for my disabled sister in law and there is often plenty of time to sit down for a bit and crochet a row or two of a project depending on the size.). At home I do not have a TV as I just got into an apartment on my own and have no real desire to have one yet. There are other things I want, like computer upgrades or crochet items...
  15. Whatever bag I am using to carry my other things I need with me (Bus schedules as I need two different ones, my CD player and earbuds, My little pack of tissues, hand sanitizer, lip balm, wallet, keys, cellphone, pattern booklet and sometimes I even stuff my laptop in the same bag if I foresee myself wanting to be on it.
  16. My answer to the person who asked that sort of question would be because store-bought socks are usually too thin to keep my feet and ankles warm enough. I am sensitive to the cold (Really I ought to move somewhere warmer, but I like the Snow we get in winter where I live.
  17. Like a scalpel... Because otherwise I would be irritating not only my wrist (wrist problems and constant movement combined equal pain) but my hand as well because for some reason the way I hold a pencil strains my hand.
  18. Same here, because after you know the stiches all it takes is a little imagination and one can make whatever they want.
  19. I grew up using different spellings and even pronunciations of words and sometimes my own lingering difficulties with speech will throw me off my usual pronunciation of something. However I usually pronounce it either skane with a silent e, and Skein with the e saying it's name. Living in the US of A it is sometimes frustrating because we use different pronunciations depending on the region we live in or our roots come from. Another example of regional differences in terms and pronunciations would be the Soda vs Pop argument. In the state of WA it seems like Pop is the normal term for a carbonated sugary drink such as Pepsi or Coke, or any other drink in the same category. I grew up in California for the most part and was used to using the word "Soda" or the actual name of the type of drink I wanted. When I would go to the store for one I would say to whomever I was hanging out with "Hey I'm gonna go to the store and grab a soda. You want anything?" My friends up here say Pop instead of Soda. For some reason it irritates me to no end and I have to correct them. I'm like: "Either call it a soda or call it by it's proper name (Mountain Dew, Dr Pepper, Sprite, Cherry Coke) because I'm about to tear my hair out if I hear you call it a Pop one more time." It is confusing where the word Pop came from anyway. Does it refer to the "Pop" sound of a cap coming off (On glass bottles) or does it have to do with the carbonation?
  20. What stores have you checked prices at? I'll tell you something, the yarn store nearest my sister's place (which I had to visit yesterday) had Red Heart Kids colors that cost more than a skein of Vanna's Choice. And there is a definite difference in the feel of Vanna's vs Red Heart though they are both 100% acryllic!
  21. I usually don't crochet when I am at home. At home I am usually using the computer to come on here or to check my email, or to play Sims... However, I do crochet on my way to work (I take the bus) and at work whenever I do not have anything that needs to be done.
  22. I take care of my sister in law for work, so on the way to and from work (I take the bus) and each spare moment at work, I spend working on some crochet project, which has been a Granny Ripple Aghan for the past few weeks. Some days I get at least five rows done. However once I get home, I tend to do other things like browse this site and get ready for bed.
  23. I have tried knitting. Several times, but when it comes to the point where I'm having to use the second needle, I fail to get it right. I wish I could knit well enough to make some socks...
  24. Granny Ripple Afghan using Wool Ease in Blush Heather and Fisherman is my main project, and then on the sidelines I have another Ripple pattern I'm following using Vanna's Choice in Mustard and Cranberry, as well as a Scarf using those same colors and also a Hat using the same brand in a green and a silver grey. I do want to go to Joann's today and get an afghan hook so I can try out another pattern I saw in the same book as the second Ripple 'ghan I'm working on.
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