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  1. I want to make a Sims 2 themed afghan/lapghan with Plumbbobs against a darkish blue background. I need a worsted weight yarn that is available in a Dark Blue, Bright Green. A Yellowish Green, a bright Yellow, an Orange, Red, and also a White or Platinum. I was thinking RedHeart Classic would work but the online pictures I've found don't seem to accurately portray the actual colors of the yarn.


    Any input? Thanks in advance!

  2. Has anyone here tried the Rosewood Boye hooks? I know they're pretty pricey (just under $20 for a single hook at Michaels) but I was thinking my Sister could get one in her stocking for Christmas since she uses the Boye style hooks.


    Does anyone else like them or should I just buy her a proper set of aluminum hooks as she only has a couple of hooks of her own.

  3. My boyfriend doesnt particularly like the feel of acrylic afghans.


    Lion Brand makes a really soft Wool/Acrylic Blend called Wool Ease. It's not the cheapest yarn around but I believe I've gotten it on sale for 2.19 a skein before at Joann's Fabrics and Crafts. I don't particularly like the feel of most acrylics either.


    As for a pure Acrylic that is soft, Vanna's Choice is very soft IMHO.

  4. Always do a Gauge Swatch for a new Pattern. I'm lucky in that I am usually pretty darn close if not spot on, but I never start a new pattern without checking that I'm getting the right gauge.


    Always read over the pattern completely before you start it. Reading a pattern is kind of like sheet music in my opinion and when I was in band throughout school, I was always told by my instructor to read the entire piece over before playing it. The same can be applied to Crochet Patterns because if you read it over completely you can get a feel for it better than if you just started it without reading over the entire thing.


    Always check dye lots if they exist for a particular yarn.

  5. TV Shows:


    Stashers (Hoarders)

    Neat Stash (Clean House)

    Stitch M.D. (House M.D.)





    The Dye Lot (The Sand Lot)

    Dinner for Hooks

    Yarn Story 1, 2, and 3

    The Yarn King (Lion King)




    The little Crochet Hook that Could

    Rainy with a Chance of Yarn Balls

    Green Hooks and Yarn

    The Cat in the (Crochet) Hat

  6. For me I usually start out with a person in mind. For instance, the Afghan I'm nearly finished with is for my Mom. The Scarf that is also nearly finished is for a friend who already has the Hat and the Wrist Warmers that go with it, and was supposed to be done a long time ago but my wrists started hurting and I just stopped working on anything crochet for a while. Now if I had been living somewhere with a better indoor temperature during the Summer, I probably would have been able to work on it more.


    Also, I know I want to get a very specific yarn for a hat that will likely be for my youngest niece. However, the yarn in question is pretty expensive for me to get, so it will likely have to wait till my next payday.

  7. I can't sew to save my life... (Well maybe to save my life but it's not something I'm very good at. I also don't own a sewing machine. However I'm just about done with the Lapghan for my Mother and I know I need to put some sort of name label on it with her name and birthdate and care instructions because she lives in a nursing home in California right now.


    I know there are labels in the stores that are for "Made by" and you need to sew them on, but like I said, I currently stink at Sewing and don't have access to a Sewing Machine. Would a Tailor be able to make and attach such a tag?

  8. For the yarn, I'd say Lion Brand Vanna's Choice or Vanna's Choice Baby and do you really need that many colors? I think you could do quite the pattern with just a few colors and it would look just as nice.

  9. I absolutely adore it! I love music... I've played Saxophone all through my years at school, learned to play some piano, I own a small Ocarina, and also a Guitar which I practice every day since I got it for myself on my birthday. If I were to make a musical afghan it would be for me, and then maybe I'd make a second for my Nephew in Cali.

  10. You can never count on what the patterns call for. I always overbuy because realistically, sometimes skeins ARE shorter than others, or full of knots or fuzzed up areas you have to cut out. And you have no idea if people (in the stores) have cut some off to take home for comparison. People do strange things.


    I do my best to pick apart knots. Most of the time they are not Impossible to get out... It just takes a lot of patience, and picking at with your fingers or with a needle or something. I also take a good look at the Skein, if it looks like someone has pulled out any part, I leave it there. Thank goodness it is so hard to find the inner end in a skein of Lion Brand... (If you can find that end, you can use it like a pull skein. However Lion Brand makes it very difficult sometimes.) Otherwise it would probably be very easy for someone to cut some off.

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