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  1. My Sister and I agree Hats are the number one project. Depending on the skein and the pattern or whatever, it is possible to get much more than one hat out of one skein.
  2. It merely aggravates my wrists, and in the winter especially, constant crocheting can cause joint pain.
  3. Lion Brand makes a really soft Wool/Acrylic Blend called Wool Ease. It's not the cheapest yarn around but I believe I've gotten it on sale for 2.19 a skein before at Joann's Fabrics and Crafts. I don't particularly like the feel of most acrylics either. As for a pure Acrylic that is soft, Vanna's Choice is very soft IMHO.
  4. Always do a Gauge Swatch for a new Pattern. I'm lucky in that I am usually pretty darn close if not spot on, but I never start a new pattern without checking that I'm getting the right gauge. Always read over the pattern completely before you start it. Reading a pattern is kind of like sheet music in my opinion and when I was in band throughout school, I was always told by my instructor to read the entire piece over before playing it. The same can be applied to Crochet Patterns because if you read it over completely you can get a feel for it better than if you just started it without reading over the entire thing. Always check dye lots if they exist for a particular yarn.
  5. I vote for Everyday items. Like a good Afghan. I wish I could cozy up under the Afghan my Mom made a long, long time ago before I was ever born.
  6. Vanna's Choice Mustardn plus Vanna's Choice Cranberry works very well for a Harry Potter Gryffindor themed project.
  7. TV Shows: Stashers (Hoarders) Neat Stash (Clean House) Stitch M.D. (House M.D.) Movies: The Dye Lot (The Sand Lot) Dinner for Hooks Yarn Story 1, 2, and 3 The Yarn King (Lion King) Books: The little Crochet Hook that Could Rainy with a Chance of Yarn Balls Green Hooks and Yarn The Cat in the (Crochet) Hat
  8. For me I usually start out with a person in mind. For instance, the Afghan I'm nearly finished with is for my Mom. The Scarf that is also nearly finished is for a friend who already has the Hat and the Wrist Warmers that go with it, and was supposed to be done a long time ago but my wrists started hurting and I just stopped working on anything crochet for a while. Now if I had been living somewhere with a better indoor temperature during the Summer, I probably would have been able to work on it more. Also, I know I want to get a very specific yarn for a hat that will likely be for my youngest niece. However, the yarn in question is pretty expensive for me to get, so it will likely have to wait till my next payday.
  9. The Lavender and Chamomile would probably put me to sleep even faster than Crochet and calming music normally does.
  10. Wow, what a way to remember him. Now if my Mom were to give me her old Crochet hooks, I'd probably accept them and I know I wouldn't actually use them because if my memory serves me correctly, they were Boye hooks, and I just can't seem to get the hang of using them.
  11. I don't think it's lazy to use a paper towel roll to help because you still have to do it by hand. You're just using a simple tool to make it neater and a little more convenient for use.
  12. It's beautiful! I would love to snuggle under it.
  13. I absolutely adore it! I love music... I've played Saxophone all through my years at school, learned to play some piano, I own a small Ocarina, and also a Guitar which I practice every day since I got it for myself on my birthday. If I were to make a musical afghan it would be for me, and then maybe I'd make a second for my Nephew in Cali.
  14. It seems kinda odd that your work doesn't allow Satellite or Wireless Internet Services... Especially when they are the only option...
  15. And people wonder how I can crochet on the bus and not miss my stop. It's called constantly looking up to check on where I am, and pretty much knowing the bus route all the way...
  16. Same here. Boye hooks make crocheting impossible for me too. I have to use Susan Bates hooks.
  17. Thanks for the suggestions but I did decide to unravel. Luckily it wasn't too much to do and I almost go to the point where I was at when I noticed it by the time needed to put it away before I got off the bus.
  18. I just discovered an error in the row I was working on yesterday. Aparently I did a cluster stitch (at least that's what the pattern calls it) where I was supposed to do three double crochet. I think it would probably turn out okay but the perfectionist in me wants to fix it. Oi I hate unraveling...
  19. Oh boy do I ever! There's a reason I ball my yarn as soon as I get home from the store... Sometimes I start as soon as I get to the bus stop or if I decide to stop at a restaurant, while I wait for my order.
  20. I think that perhaps there are some people who are just more inclined to crochet than knitting.
  21. Most of the handmade stuff I find in Thrift Stores is either poorly made or doesn't look very good either because of color, or the design itself. What I like to find in Stores is good yarn that doesn't feel too scratchy. Once I found not only a pattern book intended for doll clothing and accessories, but also a pattern book that contained a pattern very similar to an afghan that I remember having around from the very earliest I can remember, plus an unused skein of the same color/brand Yarn I am using for the afghan I am making my mother.
  22. I tend to lose hooks way too easily as oftentimes I will set something down for a split second and whatever hook I was using goes bye-bye... I also took a long break from crocheting, and now that I am trying to do more work on the blanket I intend to give to my mother, (it is now about 3 feet wide by 3.5 feet long) I am very upset that my bamboo handled hook that I bought specifically for doing that afghan went missing. So I have been using the next size up since I have zero spending money until tomorrow (I hope) but as soon as I do have some cash, I think I am going to take a bus ride to the big Joanns and get a new set of hooks and also some sort of case for them and the accessories that I have. If I have enough, I may also purchase a book of patterns and some more yarn. I would like to give some really good Christmas Presents this year if my wrists don't start hurting too badly. I may have to crochet myself some wrist/arm warmers to prevent the pain but I would be worth it, especially since I now spending approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes either at a bus stop or inside a bus, and one of those bus rides is fairly long and might get longer if my Sister and I move.
  23. I am going to have to make that tote. I am in need of a new tote for carrying around with me.
  24. I have a few WIP's in progress. First and foremost (as in most important to finish quickly) is the scarf to go with the hat and arm warmers I made for my friend's birthday. It was today but I feel as though I am coming down with something and I did not want to risk getting her sick when she was just sick recently. Also in progress are Hat, Armwarmer, and Scarf sets for my family and a Granny Ripple Lapghan for my mother. The Winter sets for the family in CA might also include Afghans (If I can ever work out what I'm doing wrong on the big ripple I was working on for James...) and are Harry Potter themed (color wise). I also will be doing Winter Sets for my Nieces and my youngest Nephew as Winter sets in early here in Western WA. All summer it's been a combination of Sunny and Hotter than comfortable, and cold and painful... I should also do a set of wrist warmers for myself to be prepared so that once Winter does set in, I will be able to do my crocheting without having to jack up the heating bill too much.
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