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  1. Really cute. thank you for the pattern.
  2. Awww..how cute, I mean ugly..
  3. What color is the best to edge the squares...I'll try to post a pic of my lovely squares so you all can decide for me...lol..I stink at that type thing..I just go with black for everything..lol
  4. Awww..Squares looking good..Jetta is really ADORABLE!!!..I have a year old Border Collie/Mutt mix..His name is Dusty...And we're trying to rehome a Border Collie/Mutt/Wolf mix..He's 2 months old...I call him a BORED WOLF!!!!..lol...
  5. I'm in the process of making my craft space in my room..But when I watch tv there's another space..I'll see if my dd can take a pic with the cell phone..My camera is out of batteries..
  6. In Bullhead City they took out the fabric..But in Roseburg they still have fabric and some yarn..Ours isn't a Super Center tho..I hope they bring in more color choices for yarn...
  7. YAY!!..My little one has been begging for me to make her a mermaid..Wooot..
  8. My daughter was just asking about her Seraphina I'm supposed to make her... The pattern is tucked away somewhere..lol...We've moved twice and still have stuff all over...Great job, and can't wait to see your next one..And I concur, you SHOULD keep your first one...HUGS
  9. Have no idea..But what a cute idea..
  10. Great work..They look AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!..
  12. I hope you feel better again soon... :hug to you..
  13. I LOVE it..ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING...And Charlie is a CUTIE!!!
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