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  1. Really cute. thank you for the pattern.
  2. Congratulations Linda. What a beautiful bag.. Enjoy..
  3. Awww..how cute, I mean ugly..
  4. I'm LOVIN the bag...This year is special as our daughters Briana and Katie are having their male friends go camping and spending the 4th with us...Bree and Jeff are discussing a possible wedding..Nothing concrete..I'm excited tho...FINALLY the "boys" are coming in my family of pink...
  5. Hello all..My little garden is coming alive...Most of my starts have taken the replanting well, and my radishes are coming up..WOOT...Still crocheting away...I don't have a printer right now so I just have to keep up the pattern...My laptop went kapooey so I have to share the desktop with the kids...UGH!!..lol... Yesterday was the last day of concessions and rehomed the "BORED WOLF PUP"...I don't know how to add a pic..Anyway, will work on that and having a GREAT day so far...
  6. Morning all...Crochetin away...Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL day...
  7. What color is the best to edge the squares...I'll try to post a pic of my lovely squares so you all can decide for me...lol..I stink at that type thing..I just go with black for everything..lol
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