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    single, female, no human kids, but have 2 crazy dogs, 3 cats, 1 horse and 1 loveable donkey
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    Stanardsville, VA
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    horseback riding, animals in general
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    ICU RN
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  1. I don't like to work on huge projects. I could work on this a strip at a time, put it away and come back to it. It was easy and I think it turned out nice! My BFF has a charcoal gray leather sofa that I made for her to snuggle with here's the pattern: http://http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/L0057AD.html?noImages=
  2. hi, I really like the late shawl, the top right one. Could you share the pattern, or tell me where I could find it? Thank you.
  3. okay, so I'm going to get started. Sorry, I'm a little behind, but the hints are oh so helpful. Thanks for sharing Thanks, Doni
  4. I used a acrylic and mohair from patons for the creme one (got it for 1.5/skein) I used a sock yarn by Yummy for the black & gray one.
  5. Are they showing up???? I can't get them to open!!!!
  6. Okay, I'm having operator error w/photobucket. will post ASAP................
  7. shawl #1 shawl #2 I gave my mom the black, gray and blue one, and neighbor the creme one. I love making these. I'm working on another. I'm addicted.
  8. they're beautiful! I love the way the round ripple stripes. I've been tempted to order one of those kits myself!
  9. that is gorgeous! I'm going to order it!!
  10. I would like to join, but am not crazy about either of the autumn afghans. Fall is my FAVORITE TIME of the year. Can I still join???
  11. Nice! I like the edge of shells!
  12. hey, that's pretty! I think I've seen the same thing in Mary Maxium catalog! It's really nice!
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