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  1. very pretty, lots of work
  2. add me too, please. always need to learn new patterns!
  3. where did you get the pattern? I have 3 neices 4, 2 ,1. THey need one!
  4. Hi from Arkansas, just north of Texarkana.
  5. hi from arkansas, orginally from Ft. Rucker, ala. welcome!!!
  6. If the stitches are the same, over and over, it is easy to read and crochet at the same time. Just lay a ruler, clear, over the pages and read around and under it. Works for me. .I also read, watch TV and listen to by husband at the same time. I can't be just sitting.
  7. welcome from Arkansas (but born in Alabama)
  8. hi from arkansas, but grew up in houston (years ago)
  9. Hi from Arkansas. I'm new here also. Have enjoyed reading all the different threads. Hope to hear from others from Arkansas. Have a brother and his family in Baton Rouge, LA.
  10. welcome, I'm new to this also. I've been crocheting for awhile, not real good at it yet. I'm trying to use this forum, hope it does right!
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