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    Yes, I really am a teenager and yes, I really do crochet.
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    Neillsville, WI
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    Reading, writing, crochet, knit, hand stich, and blog
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    Bags and i want to learn ami.
  1. thank you so so much! gosh i knew i had seen it somewhere, and within minuites ya'll found it! now i dont have to sit here for the next two hours and waste time that could be better spent WORKING on them!
  2. I realize now that the ville has changed imensly since i've been on here, so i apologize if i post this in the wrong place or if its a repeat pattern request, but i have nowhere else to turn! about a week ago i saw a lady wearing a Newsboy cap. it was fitted to her head with just a simple brim with a flower on it. no poof, no fluf, just simple and elegant and awesome. i saw something similar selling for 25 bucks, and my nephew decided he wanted one. i've seen the pattern a million times but always skiped over it, and what do you know! now that i actually WANT it, i cant find it. can anyone help me? please? i work in customer service at Figis right now and late at night we have absolutly no calls, so we are allowed to work on whatever we like. i'd like to get these done before christmas. please please please and THANK YOU!
  3. all right, i've seen this pattern EVERYWHERE but when i'm in a pinch and looking for it do you think i can find it? nooo. so i turn to my fellow crocheters. i'm looking for the classic newsboy cap, fitted to the head with a brim. i saw it in Farm and Fleet when i was shopping selling for 25 bucks, and my nephew was like 'aww i want one!' so thats what i want to make him an his sisters for chirstmas. but i cant find that particular style. HELP? please?
  4. Hey everyone! Gosh its good to be back on the 'Ville! So much has happened in the past few months that I was unable to find a computer to come on here. I'm Nikki, 19, a crochet-a-holic, and right now I live with my god parents. They have an aray of birds, 8 hourses, 14 cows, 15 cats, and 4 dogs. I have gone through a lot lately, and crochet has always been my escape. I wish i still had a camera, then I could show you all the things I have been making! For those of you that remember me, I am not yet fully intugrated into the online life again, mostly I'm just dropping by to say HI and see whats going on. Feel free to drop me a message and I'll be more than happy to elaborate. Bless!
  5. she has her tail feathers, just no chest feathers. acutally the're starting to grow back, we just need to design something that would keep her warm
  6. i would love if you worked up a prototype for me, since i have NO idea how to make a pattern
  7. http://www.birdsupplies.com/Feather-Sweater-for-Parrots-p/avfs.htm this is one of the patterns that i found, along with one made from socks and yes they do have wing slits. the thing with Willow is that they dont know if her feathers are ever going to grow back, she was in a very abusive home and was a stress picker. She's going to be a store mascot, so the idea for the sweater/poop bag appieled to me, but would probably be WAY to complicated for my tender fingers. I have some beautiful sock yarn that i was planning on using (finally, something to use it ON!) its just the fact of finding/designing a pattern. she needs a few days to get used to the store otherwise i'd go see her today. I have also attatched a picture of Willow, so you can better see her size. I can not seem to find the sock pattern at the moment, but i probably will once i wake up more XD thank you SO so much for everything, i know that with all of our heads together Willow will be a happy little sweater-ed birdy!
  8. Lately, Ive been a lurker on this site. I am not very proud of it, but everyone knows how life gets busy. But this time, I had no where else to turn. My friends are going to be adopting a very bald McCaw, and I would like to make a sweater for her. Her name is Willow, she is 18 years old-I'm talking the bird, not the people adopting- and she was an abuse rescue. I think she would appreciate some warmth in this crappy Wisconsin weather, dont you? any help would be appreciated. I have found numerous patterns to convert a sock into a sweater for them, but eh, no sewing for me. So pretty pwese with a bright red heart shaped cherry on top, help?
  9. Crochet for math....yeah my school would love that..."no, i'm not playing around, i' learning about hyperbolic space!"
  10. personally, i like it, i was actually thinking about making a skirt like that...or is just me?
  11. my best friend had a baby when she was 17, and she's giving up her boy for adoption. the adoptive parents have a lot of things that they can give, plus i have a lot of crochet patterns i have been wanting to use! this is an amazing cause and i just wish there was something like that in wi!
  12. what a great way to remember him by. those hooks are just beautiful! a hand crafted piece of artwork that is constantly in motion.
  13. You CAN do eeeeeet! Thats what my ex always said...
  14. WOO HOO! I constantly lose my pattern stuff, and finding it is liek WHOPEE new patterns, even though they're not really new
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