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    I'm a 40 year old mother of 3 married to a wonderful English beefcake
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    Yarn arts, Arabian horses, Computers and online gaming
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    baby things, afghans, ornaments
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  1. Well I used to be a member here but can't remember my sign in lol so here we go fresh and clean My name is Donna, I've been crocheting for about 30 years (gads! ) and about 2 years ago took up knitting as well. I enjoy fiber arts, but work as a legal secretary and my biggest passion is Arabian horses.... we currently have 8 and when I can figure out how to combine them with crochet I will be in heaven Looking forward to catching up with everyone
  2. For years and years now I've played a *game* of sorts where I close my eyes and see how much I can crochet by feel. Unless it's a very complicated pattern or a doily pattern in thread crochet I can pretty much do that with no problems. Knitting is a bit different, but if it's a straightforward garter or knit stitch or even stockinette I can still do it by feel only pretty much. I knit and crochet both in the dark of the car, movies.. wherever.. and it never fails to impress when I can look up at a Yarn Event at Michaels and hold a conversation while carrying on my stitches lol
  3. That poor lady I'm glad they got it out. When you think about it, the hook on the end would stop it from being pulled back out and the other end is much wider so would cause more damage being pushed through. Was it by chance a small steel hook? That's the only thing I can imagine would be small enough to stab into someone... I've done that to hubby just playing with him.. he wasn't impressed
  4. I use Firefox too with no problems.. but when did the Google ads show up? Those themselves are just darn annoying
  5. Yup lots of ideas lol those are just the first two. Another was done with an open shell stitch and it sold straight away to a coworker for a choker They arent as clunky as you'd think, the thread is very smooth and soft and flexible with just a little give, not to the thread but to the stitches. I love how it has a soft shine to it as well
  6. I know these are crap pictures lol but an idea better of what I'm talking about
  7. I've done a ton of afghans with plain old Lion Brand and it does soften up ALOT after washing, liquid fabric softener helps but it just gets cuddly and soft. It's also very durable and will withstand washing and drying with no problems. dwigicb you have a pm coming
  8. No these are very flexible of the nylon thread, not as soft as like wool would be, but almost a little shiney.. more dressy like a wide band bracelet. They close with an antique or antique look button.
  9. How popular are the arm cuffs or wrist bands nowadays? I want to make some for my Etsy shop, but I'm thinking of using something like the crochet nylon with a little bit of shine and some embellishments and I wondered if it was even worth the effort? Anyone know if these are still popular?
  10. I agree with the others, she doesn't deserve another one. It's a testament to your mom's skill that it held up as it was through repeated washings. These projects turn into our children.. I would have been heartbroken as well Ok I gotta ask.. a HUNDRED foot dining room table? That would take a HUGE washer to handle that... that's longer than my entire house!
  11. I had to giggle reading the replies here I too cycle through hobbies. I have crocheted forever, but picked up knitting about 6 months ago and have been on a HUGE knitting trip here for the last few months.... and this weekend I went and took a tatting class.. sooo something else to obsess about *rolling eyes* Saying that I tend to do more needlework when it's cold outside.. as soon as the weather starts to warm up I'll be outside 90% of my free time working horses and doing horse shows... where I also take my crocheting to work on after my classes are done and the ponies are all bedded down for the night LOL FWIW as wel I don't know how well it would work but you might try http://www.babelfish.com for translation. I think that's the link anyway Just not sure how exacting it would be on something like a pattern
  12. God with birthyear if you can find them Isn't there a way to clean pennies and make them shiney new again?
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