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  1. I am going to make this. As soon as I finish the other 20 things I have going I love it.
  2. Speaking as a long time nurse,I would be touched and happy if someone took the time to make me something from the heart.It is very easy to buy something but more fun if you make something.PS For me it does not have to be useful cuz every time I looked at it I would remember.
  3. This is my just finished t-arn bag. It is 4 t shirts. I used some handles I had around in my stash.It has an inside pocket for the cell phone. I made a flat bottom out of leftover t shirt and some palstic canvas. The flower has a sparkly jewels.
  4. HI, I found the pattern at http://www.swampyewe.uk. Pattern is called Morgan. It is free on line. I think I have the pattern site correct. The designer's name is Rowena Hoult if I don't have the site correct.
  5. I will have to look back for you. I made the pacfier and dress as I went along. I will try and find thepatterns I used for you.
  6. yarneverywhere.com chiffon dolls are great and they have clothing too. Pattern easy to follow
  7. Nopw this is great and I am going to make it just as soon as I get finished the other 20 or so projects "I.m gonna make"
  8. I took a few patterns and combined them to make this little doll I [/ATTACH]what do you Think?
  9. I improvised these puppets for a neice and nephews. They are off to Michigan!I had fun doing them. Made them for child size hands.
  10. I used sport weight red heart and size 3 us needles.I learned by the 3 doll to make the arms and legs at the same time so they will be even. Just like sleeves on a sweater.I still have a few more dolls to post my daughters church fair coming up in Dec.
  11. The doll is knit and his little coat is knit .Everything else crochet.The doll bed is a tray drawer pulls for feet. The head board are wood cut outs from ac moore that I painted. He has a binky and a blankieHis face is painted that is so so imho. The pattern is on Crea-Mea.nl at the etsy store.
  12. I did not worry too much about the stich count. If I was over or under on a row. She is jointed. I mostly worked on the face. And then of course I made her a wardrobe.
  13. this is Kathleen as a wip This is how she looked before I really got scared and started modeling the face by pulling the corneas of the mouth eyes etc and pulling the thread tight in the back as I knew the hair would cover it. A co worker thinks it is the scariest doll ever. Peg
  14. :hookI thought I had posted some pics of Kathleen under construction. It took me a while to get something I liked(. Scarry huh? There is a woman at work who things the finished doll is creepy.) You can see a wire sticking out of the doll to attach the head. I did a lot of face modeling with yarn "tucks" for better features
  15. I am going to post some Kathleen as a wip. She did look bad at the start but I kept working at it and got her a little better. I just made up the clothes as I went along. I have some pics of the three heads and when I find them I will post them.
  16. that is what I did. I worked on the face with blush, I crocheted eyelids(just a chain that I sewed on as upper and lower lids)I used some false eyelashes and painted on some eye details. (a little red in the cornener, catchlight and a little lighter on te iries opposite the catchlight). It looked much better after that. I did make 3 different heads before I got one that did not look so weird. Peg
  17. I saw these patterns on raverly and ordered them form the ziezo dutch design store on etsy. They are very cute and not hard to make. I bought all the knit and crochet dolls plus clothes for under $20.00 dollars.
  18. I ordered her from the web site and the pattern came in the mail about a week later. Hardly any time at all. But I do not remember if I got a confirmation of my order from them. Peg
  19. I beleive the site was called Betty's place.I know I have seen the the pattern elsewhere but, I cannot recall the names right now. I will hunt down the pattern in my pattern stash. Peg
  20. I made these for a great niece. I got the pattern on the web. I have enclosed the picture of Andy's little heart too!
  21. he is very cool. I like the colors.Peg
  22. [attach]2327[/attach] [attach]2328[/attach] 2 pic of some crochet items. Top is a crochet lab that I call Winnie after our first dog. The bottom fellow is from Star Wars Gen Grievious that I had no idea how I was going to make.So I made him up from pictures. Well, I gave him to my grand son at Christmas and, I am happy report that the Gen still is with us complete with his 4 light sabers.
  23. peglatt

    star wars puppets

    Patrik loves George and the gang. Here are his puppets. Also done from pics.
  24. peglatt

    star wars puppets

    thes are for my 6 yr old grand son to play with when he comes to Grandmas house. Something special. I will post My 3.5 yr olds next
  25. peglatt

    star wars puppets

    these puppets are my own creation using pic and drawings of star wars
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