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    I am an active volunteer, craft lover, wife, mother of two, grandmother of three.
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    Glendale AZ
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    Crochet, knitting, paper crafts
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    Unpaid volunteer
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    Baby afghans
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    I have been crocheting since 1970.
  1. A search on Ravelry turned up this scarf. It looks like it could be easily modified to the width you desire and turn it into a shawl. Also, you could use any yarn you want and adjust the hook size for the yarn. http://nerdytogether.blogspot.com/2011/07/day-193-and-mixed-berries.html
  2. Here is the Peace Sign granny square in a finished afghan.
  3. I found this pattern recently for Moda Dea yarn. Of course, the yarn is discontinued, but I think it would be wonderful in any bulky yarn. http://www.coatsandclark.com/Crafts/Crochet/Projects/Accessories/LM0309+Crochet+Lacy+Wrap.htm
  4. I bought some recently at JoAnn's. Does your friend have access to that store? Also, it might be for sale online. They had a ton of it for summer patterns. Good luck!
  5. Are you on Ravelry? If so, I found this seller willing to sell two skeins in this color and lot number. http://www.ravelry.com/people/Adnama/stash/simply-soft-3 Good luck!
  6. I am looking for the pattern for the lilac and blue sleep sack (the one on the right) on this Ravelry page: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/suzies-ripple-sleep-sack-and-cap I know the pink sack (the one on the left) is by Suzetta and I DO have that pattern. I would also like to find the other pattern. I emailed Suzie and she told me it was not her pattern. I have Googled sleep sacks and still cannot find this. If it is a for sale pattern, that is fine. I would just love to find it. Any help is appreciated.
  7. Sherry, Thanks for letting me know they arrived okay. Alyce
  8. Hi Tammy, Just wanted to let you know I finally got my package of yo-yos to the post office yesterday. Hope they arrive safe and sound. Have fun!
  9. Sherry, I just wanted to let you know I mailed a package with squares yesterday. Have fun!
  10. Sherry, I have some 4" squares to send you. Could you PM me your mailing address? Thanks!
  11. Hi Tam, Can you use some saltines (2.5" square)? I missed my deadline in another drive, so I have a lot done. Can you use baby colors? A lot of the saltines I have made are in those colors. I will be glad to also make some yo-yos from my multitude of scraps - please pm me your address.
  12. There is a new shelter being set up in the Phoenix area. I just sent you a private message about it.
  13. I am looking for a pattern on a blog I saw within the past couple of months. For some reason, I didn't bookmark the blog (which is unusual for me). The pattern designer started with a solid granny square like this. She continued in pattern until about the 10th or 11th rounds when the number of DCs in the corners were adjusted on (I believe) every odd round. This change converted the shape from a square to a rectangle. I have searched here on the 'Ville and found a number of threads for this type of pattern. There are quite a few links shared in each thread and none are the pattern I am seeking. I have seen Crochet Cabana, Erin Lindsey, JPFun and just about everything else. All of these patterns begin with a chain and use the typical granny square stitch, however, the stitch I want to use is the solid granny stitch and does not begin with a long chain. Any help is greatly appreciated. In happy stitches, Alyce
  14. LaVonne, I have a bunch of 6" squares ready now. PM me your address and I will get some out to you. My thoughts to you and your family. Alyce
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