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  1. terrybb

    shawl sizes?

    Measure from the nape of the neck (in the back) over the shoulder, down the arm to 1-2 inches past the elbow. This will give you the width of the rectangle. For women this is usually 23-23" but taller women will have longer arms and wider shoulders. For the length it should be at least 60" unless she is extremely short. I try to make them the person's height plus a few inches. Try wrapping a blanket around their shoulders like a shawl to get an idea of the best length. You want it long enough to wrap from elbow to elbow, arms extended with 8-12" to hang down over the arm so it doesn't fall off.
  2. I have an afghan right now that I detest - there's nothing wrong with it and it's pretty but I don't want to finish it. Each motif has multiple colors so there's no sense in frogging - I'd end up with 1 yard strands of colors all over the place. Right now it's in a bag waiting in case I change my mind but I've about realized that's not going to happen and should just toss the whole thing and make room for something else.
  3. I'd be interested. I know it would be $ but what about the Gaylord Texan in S Arlington area? Some place that has a nice area to sit and visit while corcheting - and lots of good food without driving miles and miles
  4. I have a good sized room for all my yarn and my computer/bills paying, community Care Club, Fire Department, church business. It's a mess trying to organize all that - especially all the yarn - the rest can go into file drawers or on shelves. But the bins of yarn take up so much space and I haven't figured out the best way to sort the yarns. One of these days I'll spend a little less time crocheting and tackle the organizing. LOL
  5. Interesting reading. Thanks for posting it.
  6. Welcome from Richland Chamber Lake in East Central Texas
  7. When I make shawls with yarn that will not make a decent fringe I make a chain fringe. Crochet a chain twice the length of the fringe, ss or sc into the next space on your shawl and repeat to the end. It makes a looped fringe that doesn't get tangled, unravel, and washes easily.
  8. What a wonderful story. I, too, had a pen pal when I was a girl scout, many, many, MANY years ago. After a year we stopped writing and I don't even remember her name. Your story is a true testament to friendship. And the shawl is beautiful.
  9. I spend a lot on yarn because I make a lot of Prayer shawls and give them all away. When my stash looks low (fewer than 10 plastic storage boxes - the big ones) - I go shopping. Whatever my husband has spent on fishing lures that month is my budget for yarn.
  10. I don't spend as much on patterns as I do on yarn because I already own almost every pattern ever designed. LOL
  11. I'm making Angels for my church Fall Festival Christmas Corner. The pattern is from "Big Book of Crochet". After the first one I could see the possibilities so each one is different - the combinations are endless so I guess I'll be making a lot of these - I'm up to 35 now and shooting for 100 by October 14. Each takes about 3 hours. I threaded a hanging thread through the back and through the halo but they can also stand using the round wooden doll stands.Here's a few pics These are more fun - I love each one as if it was my child - I don't know if I'll be able to part with them. 10/4 Update - I finished 100! The tree is loaded and, with 10 days to go, I can start on the Angel Afghan for the Silent Auction. This has been great fun.
  12. Those are adorable. I like the way each is different and unique.
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