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    Doilies and afghans are my favorite things to make.
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  1. sizzlingtriumph

    August Crocheted Doily

    This is very nice!
  2. sizzlingtriumph

    Just got back from the Auction!

    This was just a regular auction, they do a lot of estates. I plan on going threw all of the yarn sometime this week and putting it in a new box.
  3. sizzlingtriumph

    Work in progress

    That was what I was wanting to do but my family thinks it is too small and I should make more squares to make it larger. The only problem with that is I ran out of the dark purple and I am almost out of the variegated yarn, they were from the auction and kinda old so I am pretty sure I wouldn't be able to find them again.
  4. sizzlingtriumph

    Work in progress

    I have never made individual squares for an afghan and I lost the instructions for the pattern. I decided the best way to attach the squares was just to sew them together. Does this look alright?
  5. sizzlingtriumph

    Just got back from the Auction!

    They had alot more but I didn't have as much money to spend as the other people and I don't really have the space to store this so where was I going to put more!
  6. sizzlingtriumph

    Just got back from the Auction!

    I got all this for only $15 at the auction last night!
  7. sizzlingtriumph

    Pink dogwood doily

    Very Nice! I love Dogwood flowers!
  8. sizzlingtriumph

    Backpack Christmas Present

    Hello, this is my first time posting in this section. I mostly make doilies. I am making this back pack for my youngest daughter for Christmas, the only thing I have left is the cord for closing and the straps. I am happy with the way this part has turned out. I had to add to the beginning chain when I started because the pattern called for Bulky yarn and I am using cotton 4ply.
  9. Here are the last 2 doilies I made. I am very happy with the way they turned out. As always they have not been blocked!
  10. sizzlingtriumph

    Filet Banner/Huge runner

    you could use it as the sides of a table cloth, it would go all the way around most tables. You did a fabulous job!
  11. sizzlingtriumph

    Some recent finishes for me:

    Very nice!
  12. sizzlingtriumph

    My newest doilies

    They are all very lovely, I wish I could follow a chart so I could do Japanese patterns!
  13. sizzlingtriumph

    A few of my completed projects

    Thank you all, I love working on doilies!
  14. sizzlingtriumph

    Bridal veil

    I am currently looking for a place to purchase size 20 and 30 crochet thread because I just found out that none of the stores in the near by town carry these sizes so it is either online or drive 40 minutes to an hour to purchase it.
  15. sizzlingtriumph

    Bridal veil

    The weight was a concern for me too, and I have thought about just adding an edge to an existing veil. I am still mulling the idea around, I have plenty of time. Thanks for the thoughts.