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    Am 30 yrs, married and have 2 beautiful sons.
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    Graphic Design,Crochet,embroidery,listening music.
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    Freelance Graphic Designer.
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    Doilies,runners,table centers and now kids wearables.
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    from 1993,15 yrs back
  1. Hello Everyone, I have just completed a cap i made for my son,Sanchit. Please have a look and let me know how it is. This is my first attempt to make a wearable. Thanks for looking. Priya.
  2. Priyasdesigns


    Its beautiful.love pink color.
  3. the ribbon looks good.Good job.
  4. Hello and welcome from Priya.
  5. Awesome.Good color combination.
  6. just beautiful.its so neat and well done.
  7. Thats a beautiful piece.surely every kid will love it.
  8. The design is gr8,The color looks nice as well.
  9. Thanks for sharing the pattern.The purse is awesome.good job.
  10. The design is awesome.I too wouldnt have given it away to anyone.I can imagine the amount of time and effort u have spent in it.Overall a gr8 job done:)
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