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    true Libra, tho not really balanced ~ crazy cat lady
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    Lombard, IL
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    other than crocheting? - wolf lover, reading
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  1. *Dee*

    Who's on Ravelry?

    I'm dee1020 on Ravelry
  2. I got the same postcard in the mail today too!! Woo-hoo!!!
  3. *Dee*

    Hello from Skagway Alaska

    Hi and welcome from Lombard, IL. I visited Skagway while on a recent cruise. Lovely town! I Alaska!! Want to go back soon!
  4. Both potholders are gorgeous!! Great work!!
  5. *Dee*

    Where Could I Find a Sheep Measuring Tape?

    found these with Google http://www.paradisefibers.net/Lantern-Moon-Sheep-Tape-Measure-p/3475.htm?gclid=CMiHtJfktooCFSjWJAodZmUYrQ http://www.jimmybeanswool.com/secure-html/onlinegen/currgen/LanternMoon/SheepMeasuringTape.asp http://store.nobleknits.com/woshmeta.html this one is on eBay http://cgi.ebay.com/Lantern-Moon-Knitting-Sewing-Black-Sheep-Tape-Measure_W0QQitemZ220074925147QQcmdZViewItem
  6. *Dee*

    Hi from Chicago

    Hi and welcome to this great place from Lombard!!!
  7. *Dee*

    My 12 inch spike stitch square

    That's awesome!!! Great work and color mix!
  8. *Dee*

    Checkerboard Afghan

    Super job!! I love the colors that you used!! Another one for the "to do" list.
  9. *Dee*

    Finally finished - tapestry tote!

    Thank you all for the wonderful compliments on the tote. I value all of your comments! My finger is permanently crooked; I'm not sure if I broke it or not. The middle knuckle is twice the size that it should be. But I am working it by making a fist as often as possible. Hopefully, soon the fingers will touch the palm. I honestly should be more careful Roli - I had problems with the crosses as well. A few are a tad crooked, but I did my best Angiefl73 - I found the pattern here - http://www.freepatterns.com/list.html?cat_id=337 Go to the bottom of the page for the Tapestry Tote to download the pattern. Enjoy!
  10. I have finally finished a project that I started quite a while ago. I was sidelined with an injury that put a halt to my crocheting for a bit. I have been walking on my lunch hour every day at work due to health issues. On one walk, I must not have been paying attention as I tripped and fell. I broke my fall with my left hand and I really did a number on my pinkie finger. Tho I am right handed, when I crochet, my left pinkie is my tension gauge. I finally figured out another method until I get my little finger working again. The edging of the motifs is a white, gray and black mix. I hope you like it!
  11. *Dee*

    My FINISHED felted bag...

    Why would we laugh ... it's gorgeous!!!! Love your work!!
  12. *Dee*

    Hi from Illinois!

    Hi and welcome from Lombard!! ... and, repeating Mrs Principal, GO BEARS!!!
  13. *Dee*

    Hi from Chicagoland

    Hi and welcome from Lombard!! Hope you enjoy it here - this is a super place!!
  14. *Dee*

    Tennis Ball Bag

    Super job!!! Great work!
  15. I must be honest and say that the majority of the yarn that I have has been given to me and I haven't spent more than $30 in the past 1-1/2 years for yarn to complete projects. When friends / moms of friends / co-workers find out that I crochet, they give me their yarn that they don't want to keep around their house anymore. With this, I am blessed!