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    Married, 3 children, 6 grandchildren, 1 great
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    Northeast Tennessee
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    Crochet, drawing/painting, gardening
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    Homemaker again
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    Shawls, shrugs, toys, baby items
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  1. Taught myself, well, actually my mom showed me the chain and dc for some reason. Then I had to leave to go back where my husband and I lived 1300 miles away, so I taught myself how to make something starting with (of all things) Tunesian crochet. Frustration to the max, but I learned! Then took a class to learn more. I was 26 and am now 63.
  2. I am 63 (ok, almost 64) and taught myself to crochet when I was 26, then took classes to learn more. I am a great-grandma.
  3. I love the traditional Christmas colors, but also Victorian. This is great, you did a very good job!
  4. What a precious outfit! Would this fit a preemie? Seems like it could.
  5. I have printed the pattern out, thanks so much for sharing it! They are adorable.
  6. We are all neighbors, I live in Belleview myself (since 1981)!
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