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  1. Love it! I just might make a few to decorate a tote I am making! Thanks for including the pattern!
  2. Looks like you could even use those for flowers to attach to a hat or purse!
  3. Now that is a novel idea! There is always someone wanting a cover for something. Love the lily design best, too.
  4. Wonderful design for practicality as well as cute!
  5. I just posted my owl hat on the baby/infant thread. I am amazed at all the patterns for them that are out there now! This is a cute pattern and great job!
  6. It's adorable! My grandson has always loved monkeys. DD asked me to make something monkey for him so this sure caught my eye! One of the cutest I've seen. Did you use a pattern and if so, where do you get it? I could probably figure it out on my own, just have to figure according to the size I will do, the mouth area mainly.
  7. Odd color for a Christmas stocking, but if that's what the customer wanted .....however, it is beautiful! You did a great job!
  8. Thanks to those who replied. Here is the "real" baby I made it for modeling it. I mailed it to DGD and she got it yesterday, but didn't see it till last night when she checked the mail. She was very happy with it. This is good. lol
  9. Oh, how sweet! Wish I had one made up for a baby shower this weekend.
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