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  1. 6 inch squares. Then we will whipstitch and border with the dc. Dreamers
  2. My sister and I got the yarn yesterday and I am going to divivde the yarn into the projects I have planned for it. I do plan on starting to make the squares tomorrow. Will post how many I do and what yarn. Some will be in Red Heart and some will be in Vanna's Choice. I may have to go in another two weeks and get some more. Dreamers
  3. Thanks! I am going to Joanne's to get alot of yarn today. Wondering if it is a good thing or a bad thing that I have my entire year planned out as far as gifts and personal things I plan on knitting and crocheting this year! Welcome and hope to have you along. Dreamer
  4. Hello, I am doing a project linus charity through my church. What my sister and I are planning on doing is making 10 granny squares a week for 40 weeks which will give us 400 squares. In October and Novemeber we plan on getting together and whip stitching and bordering the blankets. Does anyone want to join us? We can list weekly how many we have made to keep ourselves honest about the totals. Dreamers
  5. My mom and her cats came to visit me on monday and they love the yarn! or thread. But the one they just about refused to give up was the bamboo thread. There is nothing like coming into a room and seeing four cats rolled up in thread and yarn. Dreamer:eek
  6. Got mine at Walmart here in Maryland. Oh I am making pineapple bookmarks from it and it is soft but wonderful to hold. I will let you know how it does with blocking and starching. Dreamer:devil
  7. Ok I am reading this and I wanted to know if I could join in next year? I am still trying to figure out the math but I do know that I do not have a stash. I tend to buy yarn for each project. I may build up a stash over the holidays as my family sometimes gives me yarn and thread. Dreamweaver
  8. Hi all, I am trying to find dog sweaters to crochet or knit. I am getting a standard poodle and a small poodle/bichon mix. If anyone has any free patterns or patterns in a book let me know. Thanks, Dreamweavers
  9. Great Job! We got another one hooked! :lolI started with thick yarn but when I switched to thread I have not went back to it. I guess I just love the challenge! Dreamweaver:devil
  10. Oh I may join this after the christmas holidays! I found a pattern for a granny ripple and I am willing to try. My problem with ripples has always been the ending of the row. Always seem to add a stitch or two and all of a sudden its exploded in size. If anyone has any ideas of what I am doing wrong let me know! Dreamweaver
  11. Thank You for the link! Just went to wal mart yesterday and picked up some really nice thread. But this is even better as I do not drive so this way I can order and it will come right to my door. Dreamweaver
  12. Thanks for all the answers. I am printing out the patterns and I will start them after this year. The filet tree skirt is going to wait but it is beautiful. Thanks! Dreamweaver:c9
  13. That ornament is cute! Might make a few for gifts this year. Never even attempted to do filet crochet. How is it done or a place, site, book to learn it and how diffcult is it? Thanks for the respones so far! Dreamweavers
  14. Hi All! I was reading a post about the thread lasting for a tablecloth for a gift. Umm pretty new to this and I have been using the stuff from Walmart called Baronet. But, what is the difference between the brands and what brands do you like to use for long term projects? And what can last for time instead of falling apart? Thanks, Dreamweaver
  15. Thread is what I am looking for. Yarn is not really my thing. Dreamweaver
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