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  1. A charity near Cleveland, OH is collecting octopi (made from their pattern found on their site) as fidgets for kids with sensory processing issues. Looks to be a cute, quick, and very portable project. Be sure to check their requirements for materials to be used (Red Heart is one of their preferences, so if you have small balls left over from other stuff, this might be a good place to purpose it). Have a look
  2. Used a tunisian hook to reach down between the toe to knee cast I was in and scratch (not highly recommended by doctors, but oh my did it help). Also ends up being a cat toy, although that is not by choice. I'll look up and find a cat or 2 staring mesmerized at the end of the afghan hook or I'll feel resistance because a little paw is batting at it.
  3. This almost should be a CAL ... LOL Just for moral support at the very least
  4. Herrschners has 10 and 14" straight tunisian hooks from F to K. There's also the Annie's Attic Easy Tunisian which goes from L to P I believe.
  5. You are in good company, I'm working on a Dr. Who scarf for a friend and a 28 foot long white scarf for her SO. And no you didn't read wrong about the length ... so I hear you. I've been switching off between 2 large afghans, a baby afghan and the scarf for a while now. I started out knitting the scarves, but forget it ... was taking way too long. I have to ask about yours though, is that done in double crochet? I'm doing mine in single for easier pattern conversion .... just curious.
  6. Well, there is an English dubbed version ...
  7. That is very cool. Wish they had done something like that at my schools. Although my 4th grade teacher taught a group of us to candlewick and in 5th grade one of our art projects included drawing a picture, transferring it to fabric, then quilting it. But crochet has always been my obsession and passion.
  8. I'm intrigued ... What is it? I know I sound like a doofus, but I've never heard of it ...
  9. Probably not incredibly helpful and definitely kind of bad ... but I always go for yarns that will feel good when you are naked (stepping back into lurk and out of the stones ... lol)
  10. I know someone already gave you the Lion Brand site, but I love this poncho and it works for larger sizes as well. I made both halves in Homespun but it turned out great. http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/chs-dayToNightPoncho.html?noImages=0
  11. This won't help you much for your husband, but my current favorite is the baby alphabet in the Blue Ribbon Afghans book. It is working up really quickly for single crochet and I haven't gotten bored and put it down for another project.
  12. It is currently a tie between afghans and doilies. I'm up to my ears in afghan projects right now because my family appears to be doing nothing but weddings and babies, lol. But the doilies are more portable.
  13. It happens to me to. Between my job (I'm an editor at a publishing company) and the yarn, I am nothing but dry hands. The stuff that I've been using lately seems to work really well. It is Curel's Natural Healing with honey, vanilla, and shea butter extracts. It helped get rid of the worst scaliness I've seen on my hands in long time (I was nicknaming myself the human alligator for a while lol).
  14. It's kind of hard to explain, but it is only a regular Tunisian hook (except one of the bigger Annie's Attic ones, hence the Easy Tunisian). But you work and join the strips of blocks together as you go (each color is a row of blocks). Others can probably explain better, but that is the general idea.
  15. Teesachu

    Filet Afghan

    I used Lion Brand Baby Soft in Bubblegum. It isn't my pattern, it come from American School of Needlework #1300 "Crochet Filet Afghans." I think it may have taken me about 3 -4 months to make. I'm fickle and jump around from project to project when I get bored. Thanks for all the compliments everyone!
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