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  1. Welcome from Ohio, Ana! So nice to meet you! Steph
  2. Very pretty! I'm going to look into that thread...it looks so pretty made up. Steph
  3. I love those! The rainbow ones are so cool! Steph
  4. Very pretty! Nice job on the improvisation! *grin* Steph
  5. Lovely work! I love the two toned pink one. *smile* Steph
  6. It's lovely! Congrats on mastering a new stitch! *grin* Steph
  7. Nice job! It's really pretty. Steph
  8. What a stunner! Bet it looks gorgeous on your table. Steph
  9. Lovely job! I love the color too. *smile* Steph
  10. Is it too late to join in? I have a round ripple in progress...Let me know, please? Thanks! Steph
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