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    Hats for preemies
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  1. Aww I love the colours (And I love that white and choclate blanket too )
  2. I got that doll for Christmas when I was like 5 years old Its the one thing I will save forever.. I cant find this same doll anywhere anymore but there are other realistic gender dolls.. I thought maybe I should censor out the girl bits before I posted it haha.. And I think I might make some kind of soaker or pants to go with it but I have to get more yarn!
  3. First are 2 of many hats (going to the local NICU for Preemie Protectors) And a dress and hat combo that is actually newborn size but this is the smallest babydoll I had to model it
  4. Love it! My son said look at the doggy.. I said No its a blanket.. heh Silly me!
  5. Awww So adorable. I love the face!
  6. Cute cute! Love the coloured squares
  7. I think shes cute. I love her dress.
  8. I love these blankets. I really should make one some day.
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