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  1. I'm so glad you like everything! I had lots of fun with the chicken theme.
  2. Wow, a cube in the round! Thanks for the link. That should be fun to try.
  3. Oops, I forgot to mention the great Clover comfort grip crochet hook which went right into my hook bag. The Sunbonnet Sue was very cute and her fabric is so cheery. I may have to bring her to work (a.k.a. the cave) instead.
  4. Anybody know where I could find a pattern for fuzzy dice, like the kind you'd find hanging from a rearview mirror? It's ok if they're larger or smaller than that size.
  5. I finally was able to get to the post office on Saturday to pick up my package from Segi1974. It was wonderful! I love the super-thick red & white potholder. The coasters are already put to use. I also got tea (yay! always love to try new flavors), potholder pattern books (now I have an excuse to buy one of those "crochet on the double" hooks!), red & white dishtowels, Christmas-colored and Sunbonnet Sue potholders, a magnet, notecards, a notepad, Sugar N Cream yarn (love the bright orange). To top it all off, she sent an adorable purse. I am a purse fiend, so this was a particularly fantastic surprise. Thanks so much for everything Kathy! Also thanks to our fantastic organizer! This has been a very enjoyable first swap for me on Crochetville. Click to see larger image
  6. I finally made it to the post office to pick up a Priority Mail box, so I should be shipping out tomorrow. Yay!
  7. They look great. I've been wanting to make the faux bois pattern ever since I saw it in the magazine.
  8. Thanks to the snow day I was able to get an extra item finished. Will mail by the end of the week. yay!
  9. I like the Susan Bates with the bamboo handle. I even prefer them over my Clover Soft Touch. They're a great bargain, too.
  10. Good point, ctawq. If I make another, I think I'll go for the magic loop.
  11. limebrarian

    I Made Sackboy!!

    He turned out very well. Clever use of a pull tab for his zipper top!
  12. Love it!! The balancing ball is a nice touch.
  13. I've started doing more thread crochet recently, so I've been researching more comfortable hook options. It looks like Clover has recently started selling steel hooks in their "Soft Touch" line. As I like the standard sized Soft Touches, I think I'd enjoy using the steel ones. Before I give in and order them online, has anybody spotted them in a retail store? Are there any other more ergonomic steel hooks that you like? Do the squishy hook cozies do a good enough job? Thanks!
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