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    Married to an awesome man, and we have a four legged child... Mad Max
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    Collecting Frogs (oh no... not the real ones), crocheting, surfing the web
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    Selling my Braidlets... Etsy, Handmade Artists Shop
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    Braidlets, scarfs, baby booties
  1. Crochet_Hooked

    Crocheting with Wire and Crystals

    Hey Jana, I bought the clasps at JoAnns or Fire Mountain (I can’t remember) UGGG! lol Where is that frog… Nope that’s not it… LOL So many good smilies!
  2. Crochet_Hooked

    Crocheting with Wire and Crystals

    Excellent! :clap Love the Black and red one! Crocheting with wire is a little tougher on everything…lol But great job with the necklaces!
  3. Crochet_Hooked

    Crocheting with Wire and Crystals

    Hi Jana! Great to see you! The clasp is a small (but very strong) magnetic clasp. My Mother has arthritis in her fingers, which makes the toggle clasps a challenge. So I tried the magnetic clasps and she love them. Thanks for commenting Jana… hope to be back to crocheting with yarn soon!
  4. Crochet_Hooked

    Crocheting with Wire and Crystals

    Hi Aunt, I totally understand, working with a small hook does have its disadvantages. There are many variations to crocheting with wire by using a larger hook or thinner wire (28 or 30) be careful with the higher gauge wire, pulling or twisting to much it will break. Thanks for the comment! I love to chat about wire crochet.
  5. Crochet_Hooked

    Crocheting with Wire and Crystals

    Hi everyone, I have a New Bracelet. Using Swarovski Pearls and Crystals together in one wire crochet bracelet. Take a look below - What do you think? Is it a keeper? LOL Also, has anyone tried crocheting with wire? Would love to hear your story Thank you for looking!
  6. Crochet_Hooked

    Izabelka's jewelry

    Excellent! Very nice! I really like the above creations!
  7. Crochet_Hooked

    Crochet/Bead Bracelet

    Terrific! Great Colors!
  8. Crochet_Hooked

    A "Froggy" I Crocheted

    Mom w/a Motif… WOW! Now that has to be the cutest crochet frog I have ever seen! I LOVE it! Of course I adore Frogs (frog collecting since I was in grade school) Great job! May I pin it to pinterest? Love to add it to my frog board, that is if it is alright with you! Cari
  9. Crochet_Hooked

    crochet jewellery

    Hi katswhiskas, Great job! What kind of beads did you use? Did you like crocheting with beads? Just curious to know your thoughts about trying something new… Looks like you had a good time, wonderful job for a first timer! Cari
  10. Crochet_Hooked

    I've been featured on a blog!!! :) :) :)

    Hi Jill… You are to Cute! I left a message on your Facebook… Jill you did all the work… I just shared your Stunning Crochet Creations with a few hundred thousand people… LOL You deserve this and much more! Enjoy!
  11. Crochet_Hooked

    Crocheted necklace with a heart pendant

    Excellent! 1Crochetfan! : Super Job… I love the heart pendant as well, classy touch! You are right… it is addicting!
  12. Crochet_Hooked

    Crocheting with Wire and Crystals

    To Everyone! Thanks for commenting… I do appreciate the support! I will try to check in more often… Have a super night, week… Month! Cari:frog (I adore Frogs and collect them)
  13. Crochet_Hooked

    Crocheting with Wire and Crystals

    Your very welcome Jana… and Thank You! I am trying… and I do mean trying..lol to teach my Mom to crochet… It’s been quite interesting! LOL It has been about two years since I have crocheted with yarn… Wow! I have missed it! Made 2 baby caps for Crafting for a Cause! TeeHee TeeHee! Because of you Jana, I’m crocheting with yarn! Yipeeeee! LOL Sooo thanks to you too!
  14. Crochet_Hooked

    Crocheting with Wire and Crystals

    You are very welcome!
  15. Crochet_Hooked

    Crocheting with Wire and Crystals

    Hi LaVonneK Yes… Thank you! I appreciate the support! Would love to see anything you feel comfortable enough to show me! Of course, when you get the time… I understand life does get in the way of crocheting!