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  1. Glad you received them . Good luck with your project its a great cause:manyheart
  2. :crochetingrecieved your PM will put the scarves in the mail tomorrow or Tuesday . Glad to be able to help:manyheart hope you get alot !!! Great cause
  3. Welcome to Crochetville , Its the best !
  4. Wonderful colors.You did a beautiful job.
  5. Hi Deb, I am mailing 3 hats out to you tomorrow.Hope it helps This is a wonderful cause it is so sweet of you to think of others.
  6. Thank you great web site hope you get alot of donations
  7. Do you have any patterns ? or have a web site with patterns
  8. :hookI have always used the ch 3 as the 1st stitch of the new row unless specified.
  9. Thank you , I am going to try the fork method looks good !
  10. Hi, I am in need of some Suggestions on pompom makers.On a hat kick and they really finish them off nicely.
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