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  1. I REALLY like this pattern. Can't wait to make one.
  2. I love making dishclothes too! Yours are all very pretty! Do you use only cotton? I prefer them in arcylic but cotton is always what the patterns call for.
  3. cris...love the toe coasters! Being a coffee addict and a fellow germaphobe I think they're a great idea!
  4. cshort...Love the dolls clothes..what yarn did you use? It's looks so soft and comfy!
  5. thank you, thank you! I'm really happy with how he turned out. My plans were to recreate his face, but I think I like him this way. The face is what I didn't like about the original creation. I may play with him and see though. Thanks again!
  6. Here is my finished snowman. I initially used a drawstring bag pattern but when that didn't work, I went out on my own. That was my first attempt at ever going without a pattern. It isn't a complicated pattern, just a lot of increasing and decreasing with a single crochet stitch. It's all one piece over a 2 liter bottle that was lightly covered with polyfill. The jacket, hat, and scarf came with him as he was gifted to me (as a felt body). I intend to redo his scarf and possibly try his jacket and hat.
  7. Ok..I've finally decided...I'm making a snowman using a 2 liter bottle as the center. I'm redoing this project as it was a gift from my Gramma a few years ago in felt. The felt is looking shabby so I'm redoing the body and scarf. I have two, but I haven't decided yet if I want to tackle the second. I initially began this project using a drawstring purse pattern, but it didn't work out as planned so I've since been working without any pattern....wish me luck!
  8. Hello!!!...also from PA...Jefferson County.
  9. Anyone use large doilyghans, round ripples, or granny squares as a tablecloth? I have a (store-bought) crocheted tablecloth that I get so many compliments on. I have minimal experience with thread. I've only made a couple snowflakes. Quite honestly the thought of doing any big project in thread completely turns me off because I just don't have the patience. I had originally thought of making a granny square motif tablecloth with cooridinating colors of my kitchen, but researched a little and found a few other ideas. I would use either sock yarn or fingering yarn. Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated
  10. IMANURSE55....I saw that calendar this morning...do you like it??? My MIL bought me a bookstore gift certificate for Christmas. I love patterns!
  11. Have you tried this site? http://www.microrevolt.org/knitPro/
  12. That is an adorable afghan. You have a lucky BFF
  13. Thank you for the help,unfortunately I think most of my older yarns are acrylic. Oh well on a recent trip to Michael's I saw they had a ton of great colors in Peaches N Cream...not like our local Walmart that only has 4 colors.
  14. Oh my, how beautiful! She is one lucky lady!!
  15. How sweet of your hubby! That was such a thoughtful gift! I didn't get anything craft/crochet related except on our last shopping adventure before Christmas I was checking out a couple craft stores pattern books and my husband said you better be buying one of those for yourself since you NEVER buy anything for you! I did buy a one pattern book
  16. Sounds like fun...I'm gonna try it! Already have my list started for next year I have an idea for this month's song, but I'm gonna work on my list a little more before I decide.
  17. I'd love to join in. Dumb question...how do I know what yarn I'm using..cotton, worsted weight, or acrylic??? I have a ton of yarn from years gone by but most labels have been taken off and are long gone. Until recently I never bought anything but the "one pounders" or cheaper skeins of yarn. I made two dishclothes recently one from a ball of cotton and another from a leftover skein of yarn. What is preferred?
  18. He just has hands at the ends of each sleeve. I'll replace those too, but as stuffed mini crocheted mittens.
  19. I was gifted two snowmen made from 2 liter soda bottles a few years ago which are in need of repair. The gifter made their bodies from fleece, but I am going to redo the bodies using a drawstring bag http://www.caron.com/projects/jb/jb_954_bag.html for the bodies and a crocheted ball http://www.craftdesigns4you.com/freecrochetball.htm for the heads. Both of these patterns are free patterns from cpc! For stability, I am going to keep the 2 liter bottles which are filled with some type of weight, in the center and polyfill around to make it softer. The heads are styrofoam balls with fleece covering so I will crochet half the ball, insert the styrofoam and continuing crocheting until it's covered. Each have very cute fleece jackets and hats that I will use. They also have skimpy scarves but I'm going to replace those with something puffier. I haven't attempted anything like this before. For those of you more experienced, does this seem like it will work out ok?
  20. Beautiful! I had always wished someone would have gifted me crocheted baby things when my boys were little. I've never attempted them, but I would like to!
  21. That is a beautiful pattern. Love it! Thank you also for mention of this book...I'm always on the lookout for books, magazines, etc. and really don't like to buy or subscribe to them unless I've heard good notes. I just told my husband I'll put this book on my wish list
  22. Love this idea...I was looking for an advent calendar!
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