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  1. Nice pattern, just in time for gift giving!
  2. Thank you Nema517 and TallGirl! TallGirl you really need to look up these patterns!
  3. Thanks alacajun! I just made one for myself out of cashmere yarn that was in my stash and it is warm!
  4. Thanks for the link magiccrochetfan! I won the yarn and Fashions to Flaunt book from the Crochet Dude!
  5. Any ideas for a one skein project? TIA!
  6. I don't know if this has been posted before so I apoligize if it has. I made several for my granddaughter but forgot to get pics. Great pattern, whips up in no time, easily customized. Free download on Rav: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/headband-pattern-the-genius-headband
  7. I made these two great free patterns for my son. The hat is by Lisa Naskrent and I hadn't made this in a long time. It is a great hat. The mitts are by Suzetta Williams and seem to go with the hat perfectly!
  8. Such a good idea! I think mods can be made for Kindle.
  9. Thank you Empress Busy Bee and TallGirl!
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