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  1. Another Marylander here--central MD specifically!
  2. Since I really stink at making straight edges on afghans, I went with the fail-proof granny square. I gave this to a co-worker for her baby shower. And a close up shot of the stitches. Sorry for the crappy photos...my camera was going nuts (or maybe I'm just not a good photographer).
  3. I love this simple little hat and scarf set. The patterns are so simple and quick to make. I used the Vanna's Choice Acrylic Yarn in a nice purple. What do you think? Does the hat need a flower or something?
  4. smayw

    Ear Flap Hat

    I like that. I've had a few requests for ear flap hats too. TFS pics and link to pattern!
  5. That is wonderful!!!! Congrats on your new granddaughter. She's adorable!
  6. That is my favorite scarf pattern--looks awesome!
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