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  1. This is a discontinued yarn. I am trying to find a skein or two if possible to replace a scarf I made for a young lady. It was lost in a move. I'm taking a shot in the dark - if you have some to sell please let me know.
  2. I crochet a great deal for charity and as a result people give me yarn. I have been trying to organize my craft room and keep finding bags and boxes of yarn. I would love to pass this on to others who do the same thing as there is no way I will use all of this if I crochet until I'm a hundred! LOL! Please message me if you are interested. Thanks! Update I'll be shipping yarn out 2-16 - If I find more Worsted Weight I'll repost. I do have some baby yarn if anyone needs some.
  3. What exactly are you looking for? I'm trying to destash and organize and keep coming across tubs and bags and boxes of partially used yarn - if you want a grab bag/box; message me and I can ship you some!! I keep crocheting but the stash keeps growing a crazy cycle!! LOL!
  4. Wow this one is Awesome - reminds me of sun & sea!
  5. I get my nylon thread here http://creativeyarnsource.com/nylon_thread.html My favorite for purses is the #18. I can also get it at Hobby Lobby but the color selection is limited there. I will try to post some pictures but it is tax season and I'm really busy at work so it may be a few days.
  6. I have made several using the nylon cord - it is a little tough on the hands but the outcome is worth is as it holds up VERY well, washes up like a dream if it gets dirty and holds it's shape well - good lucky with your purse!
  7. KER828

    Bucket Hat

    I truly love this bucket hat pattern - very quick easy and so cute! http://angelscrochet.com/patterns/basicbucketpat.php Good luck!
  8. KER828

    Two RR's I finished

    I PM'd Aggie May and she sent it to me!
  9. I've never turned my grannies and I've never had them skew either.
  10. KER828

    Two RR's I finished

    Thanks ladies for all the lovely comments!
  11. KER828

    Two RR's I finished

    My brother-in-law sent me a picture yesterday of my nephew covered in the blanket in front of the TV eating his toast. He said he asked for his blanket before he asked for his breakfast!! I knew he would like it!!
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