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  1. Wow this one is Awesome - reminds me of sun & sea!
  2. I get my nylon thread here http://creativeyarnsource.com/nylon_thread.html My favorite for purses is the #18. I can also get it at Hobby Lobby but the color selection is limited there. I will try to post some pictures but it is tax season and I'm really busy at work so it may be a few days.
  3. Thanks ladies - I'll be looking for these yarns - I can't make these fast enough they are so very cute!!
  4. I have made several using the nylon cord - it is a little tough on the hands but the outcome is worth is as it holds up VERY well, washes up like a dream if it gets dirty and holds it's shape well - good lucky with your purse!
  5. I'm new to making baby dresses/clothing - I have patterns calling for Bernat Softee Baby which is wonderful to work with but it seems to me might be hot for a baby dress in summer. I'm wondering what a summer weight equivalent might be that would not shrink to much or be a laundring nightmare for a new mom. Any suggestions ladies???
  6. KER828

    Bucket Hat

    I truly love this bucket hat pattern - very quick easy and so cute! http://angelscrochet.com/patterns/basicbucketpat.php Good luck!
  7. I PM'd Aggie May and she sent it to me!
  8. I've never turned my grannies and I've never had them skew either.
  9. My recently deceased Grandmother made sweaters in the 80's for my son and me out of Paton's Diana yarn. I LOVED that sweater and frankly wore it out. (Holes in the elbows etc.) My son loved the soft feel of the sweater when he was young. I came across the pattern for the sweater going through her things since her death. I would like to make it again but what do you think would be a current equivalent yarn? Unfortunately I have not come across a saved label to know the particulars of the yarn she used.
  10. Thanks ladies for all the lovely comments!
  11. My brother-in-law sent me a picture yesterday of my nephew covered in the blanket in front of the TV eating his toast. He said he asked for his blanket before he asked for his breakfast!! I knew he would like it!!
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