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  1. This is going to sound off topic but please hang in and read completely. I am a member of a Freecycle group and one of the other members came on line looking for coffee cans. Having a number of them I gladly donated them, but being nosy, I had to ask what they were needed for. They were needed for a benefit for a young (23 yo) woman who is trying to recover from breast cancer. I knew I wouldn't be able to attend the benefit. (I also don't usually attend something like that unless I know the person.) Well, for some reason or another I decided to offer to donate something and asked if they had a number of afghans or things similar. When I found out they had nothing (at the time), that I offered to make an afghan. I chose a RR and was planning on doing it in a solid ecru (had that in my stash). The coordinator then asked me to do it in pink and white, which of course I did. I started on Sat evening and completely finished it on Thursday of the following week. It measured 78 inches from point to point. I just found out from the coordinator that the final bid on the afghan was $250! That was more than the handmade pink and white quilt, so I was thrilled.
  2. I have a question, probably a dumb one, but how did you figure out how much yarn you needed and how many of each color of saltines?
  3. It is gorgeous in a solid color. I have a WIP that has been a total headache, (I have been working on it for 6 months). Frogging it to make a RR is an idea. Thanks for the inspiration.
  4. I made my dd's soon to be step an afghan with the understanding that I will add a color when she gets ready for it. I had only met her a couple of times, but I knew she admired the afghans that I had made for my grandson (which he refuses to share) so I wanted her to have one of her own. She wouldn't allow anyone to touch it, curled up in it and ignored her other gifts. The worrying part is what color she will pick out next? It is Aggie Mae's round ripple that already has 3 shades of purple and a variegated yarn (that was not what I really wanted, but was the only thing that the local Wal-Mart had available). She is 5. so know telling what color she will want next though she is a purple freak. My grandson is a color freak at 22 months and is very choosy about colors and textures so he is a real "joy" to make anything for. I have learned to offer him 2 or 3 colors that I am willing to work with and let him choose from those for anything I make him. I made him a sweater with the new Caron Eco yarn and I really loved working with it. It worked up like a dream and is warm without being heavy.
  5. Lion Brand has one on their free patterns that might be what you are looking for. They show it in the fun fur, but I never use what they are calling for most of the time.
  6. Over on about.com there is a filet crochet pattern for a deer that you could do as a square. That way you could do the deer facing opposite directions and make up a unique afghan. There are might be other patterns of similar themes but that was the first that I remembered seeing.
  7. Hi, to all. I am from Granite City, Illinois and have been crocheting for over 30 years (when I finally taught myself how). I use crochet as a form of therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis and to help keep my mind in order (if that is even possible , though there are days that it is more likely to drive me crazy). I have crocheted everything from afghans, angels and sweaters for others, and about the only thing I have kept are a couple of afghans. At the moment I have 2 afghans in the works,and a tablecloth in process, but when I get bored or hit a rough patch I tend to start something else. I am a champion at finding patterns that I want to do but financial restrictions have put most on hold. Hopefully I will be able to get back in the swing soon. Mary
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