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    minister, wife, mom, grammy & great-grammy
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    SW Ohio * USA
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    reading, family, crocheting
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    projects for my family
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    since 1996
  1. how cute! you did an awesome job! tfs
  2. No, this is something that after much prayer we have decided not to publish for consumer use.
  3. You shouldn't have been able to find these patterns anywhere. They are all original creations and are not available anywhere; except for a couple that I made available for free here at crochetville.
  4. Very cute ... and safe! After seeing what is out there in the 'toy' dept I had decided to make a tea set for my gran'girls and great gran'girl. Thanks for the inspiration!
  5. Wow! That is so gorgeous. You did a beautiful job. TFS
  6. So cute; I love making fun and sometimes silly hats for the gran'kids and great gran'kids.
  7. onfire4Jesus

    strange but ok

    I like it, it's something new looking and different. You did a great job with the colors too. TFS
  8. You did wonderful! I really like all of the color combos that you created. Enjoy them and TFS
  9. Nice job; very pretty! Your border sets it off. TFS
  10. I like it, I like it a lot! It looks like a big, beautiful flower. TFS
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