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    minister, wife, mom, grammy & great-grammy
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    SW Ohio * USA
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    reading, family, crocheting
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    projects for my family
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    since 1996
  1. how cute! you did an awesome job! tfs
  2. Very cute ... and safe! After seeing what is out there in the 'toy' dept I had decided to make a tea set for my gran'girls and great gran'girl. Thanks for the inspiration!
  3. Wow! That is so gorgeous. You did a beautiful job. TFS
  4. So cute; I love making fun and sometimes silly hats for the gran'kids and great gran'kids.
  5. I like it, it's something new looking and different. You did a great job with the colors too. TFS
  6. You did wonderful! I really like all of the color combos that you created. Enjoy them and TFS
  7. Nice job; very pretty! Your border sets it off. TFS
  8. I like it, I like it a lot! It looks like a big, beautiful flower. TFS
  9. very pretty. i have a daughter-like that would love it too! ... she's a purpley person.
  10. Love ripples! Yours is going to be gorgeous with all of those colors; looking forward to the finished product.
  11. A beautiful heirloom! Simply beautiful.
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