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  1. I love square number 35! Is there a way to get the pattern for just this square?
  2. I want to make my 7,4, and 1 year old blankets for a Christmas gift. I've already made the baby his, with the bubbles pattern. It turned out well. Now, I am looking for equally simple patterns for the older two. Something I could do in their favorite team colors. Every pattern I like is intermediate level. Anyone have a favorite, but easy afghan pattern?
  3. I used Aerie be moda dea coral
  4. The picture isn't great, but you get the point. I really like the red one. The orange one is my halloween scarf. I've been wearing it all day. I really don't like the pink/brown/white one. I LOVED that yarn in the ball, kept eyeing it and finally bought it. It is from Moda Dea, Cartwheel, and is a thick and thin wool called Neopolitan. Well, that is exactly what it looks like, melted icecream LOL I should take a better picture of it.
  5. I know, you have seen a million of these. I can't help it, I like them. It is the lacey shell poncho with an added neckline. I also made one in Wool-ease mink for my sister. I really loved it in that color, and got a lot of compliments on it when I wore it before I gave it to my sister LOL This is wool-ease too, but I don't remember the color name. Deep rose or something similiar. I was wearing my black mesh poncho made with the leisure arts wraps pattern at the mall on Sunday. A woman stopped me and asked me where did I buy my poncho. She was disappointed when I told her I made it, I should have offered to make and sell her one, but didn't think of it. It was the best compliment for this beginner crocheter though!
  6. Thanks for the advice. I haven't knitted since I was eight years old, I remember it would get so tight that I couldn't work it. I think I'll put this yarn away for a bit, and decide what to do with it. It is so soft, and silky that I don't want to waste it on something I don't like LOL
  7. <<<<Right now, my goal is to not start another project until one is finished. Current projects: A sweater for my husband (WW yarn), shawl for me (WW yarn), knitting a scarf (sport weight), a cover for the heating pad (sport), a new pair of socks that I started today (fingering weight), a thread shirt for me and another thread shirt for my mom (differnt paterns, of course). >>>> LOL! It doesn't sound like you are doing too well with your goal!
  8. I bought fancy yarn for the first time today. This will be my first attempt working with it and want to make a scarf. It is Moda Dea Aerie. It is so soft, and was on clearance at Joanns for $3. I am thinking I should just use a simple double crochet stitch??? A pattern like the skinny scarf wouldn't work with a semi fuzzy type yarn, would it? It is chenille and microfiber. I don't think the pattern would show, but what do I know LOL I also bought some cache yarn to do the skinny scarf.
  9. Ahhhhhh ribbit!!! Got it LOL I have been wondering!
  10. I just started a month ago, and didn't understand why people would have multiple projects going on at once. It seemed to me, it was better to do just one at a time, that way it got done faster. I am not patient enough to wait, and am anxious to see my final product. Well......I have been making a baby blanket the past five days, and am just sick to death of it. I have a list of other stuff I want to make, and this is boring me to tears. Last night I had to frog (what does that stand for anyway, i know it means pull the stitches out, but why the word frog?) fifteen rows or so because I missed one ending stitch and it made my whole blanket wonky. That was the last straw. I'm doing something else today. Something I can get done in a day or two. The blanket can wait. I'm either making the interweave skinny scarf, or this one. FREE Crocheted Incredibly Soft Scarf Pattern from Craft Designs for You! This is the blanket I am working on. Hmmm, it says it is a level three intermediate and I am more a level one LOL It hasn't been difficult so far, I hope it is not the edging that makes it a three because I haven't even read that part of the pattern yet. The flyer I picked up in the store didn't have a rating. Oh well. Bernat: Pattern Detail - Softee Baby - Baby Blanket and Booties
  11. This one seems to have a very small collar, she followed the schematics, but somehow....it is not so fluffy. It is more the look I want, and when I make one, will follow her instructions for the "ruffle" portion. Crochetville Forum - Shrug is done! Edited pattern in post #28, picture added
  12. aimeebell

    Checking gauge

    I am making a shrug with Microspun yarn- what a PITA that yarn is to work with. I did about ten rows and it took a couple hours! I keep loosing a couple strands or getting a strand or two snagged, and it is taking forever. However, that is not my main problem. This yarn is pretty stretchy. I made a little gauge swatch and figured how many stitches I needed to get to 13 inches. After a couple rows of making the body of the shrug I rechecked to make sure, and it was 13 inches. After 10 or so rows, I rechecked.......it was a little over 14 inches I was gonna pull it apart this morning, but I noticed it had looked smaller. Sure enough, it is back down to thirteen inches LOL My question is, when checking gauge do you give the yarn a slight stretch when measuring? Or just lay it flat and measure. I just layed it flat, but think giving it a slight stretch might be more accurate? If I have to pull it apart, I am gonna start with a different yarn and use this microspun for smaller projects!
  13. I love it! It is really beautiful! I'm sure she'll love it too. Even little bitty girls love purses LOL I just made my niece a ditty bag, and she loved it.
  14. That is so pretty! I would like one, but I think it is too advanced for me right now! Have fun making it!
  15. Beautiful! I have been looking at this pattern. What kind of yarn did you use? I don't want something really heavy like homespun, but don't really want regular acrylic worsted either.
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