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  1. VERY PRETTY. Just glancing at the pics, I thought it was 2 different doilies and I liked both of them. I like the dark shading as shown in the 2nd. Good job & the blocking & stretching apparently worked out all your troubles.
  2. Both of those are just beautiful! Thank you for taking the time to post both pics and for explaining (and showing) the difference. Your work is wonderful.
  3. Thank you. These are my favorite from the patterns I've collected. Will try to make them for my mom.
  4. Those are really nice. You are very talented.
  5. Very pretty. Nice little gifts for friends. Thank you.
  6. It's beautiful in the large size. Shows up the pattern so well. I'm partial to large doilies.
  7. Very nice. Thanks for sharing with us.
  8. Certainly deserves a prize of some kind. Eye-catching!
  9. How wonderful for you!!! Wish there were more deals like that out there.
  10. All are very pretty. I have 2 sets of pillowcases I need to add edgings to
  11. Thank you for showing how variegated thread should be used. I have several cones of it but never could decide what to use it on. Both of your doilies are lovely.
  12. I really like both of the doilies. You did an excellent job on choosing colors. Both are so serene looking. Thank you for sharing with us.
  13. Karen, thank you so much for your clear explanation. It's all crystal clear now. Every bit of your work is just lovely.
  14. What is the difference in "frosted" and "painted"? I've ready through this entire thread and just don't spot the difference. Thanks.
  15. So very, very pretty. Your color choices and arrangement of flowers is superb. Thank you for sharing the photo.
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