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    I've entered the realm of teenagerhood and taking life one step at a time.
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    By the computer
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    ♥ Sleeping, reading, writing, music, fashion, tennis & procrastinating
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    Student & aspiring author
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    I love making hats.
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    I've been crocheting off-and-on for about two or three years.
  1. I did a search for you on ravelry. One pattern is this Lionbrand pattern which you could modify to your size. Another is this star pattern. I saw it done in a solid color, and it looks really nice.
  2. I fourth the scarves suggestion. I'm a teenager myself and scarves were the first thing I started on.
  3. Really? I tried to make a hat and it was a PITA to work with. The fleece bits covered up things, and I couldn't see where to increase. I've decided to try to make a blanket for Project Linus instead. Hopefully that will be easier to crochet.
  4. That's very lovely! I love the colors. I'm going to make one for my mum.
  5. I have three skeins of Red Heart RagDoll and two skeins of Patons Be Mine for a total of five dollars.
  6. I do two or three at a time. I get bored with projects easily, so it makes it easier and more fun if I can switch it around.
  7. I love chocolate, but if there had been a coffee option, I would've chosen that.
  8. I spend more time crocheting, but crochetville is pretty darn distracting.
  9. Wearables are my favorite thing to make, especially hats.
  10. I don't have the link on me, but the Palindrome scarf has reversible cables. It makes for a very snuggly scarf.
  11. I usually have about two or three projects going on at the same time. I have a short attention span, so I like to switch it up.
  12. I have always pronounced it as 'skeen'. Everybody I know who works with yarn has pronounced it that way.
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