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  1. Your edging is beautiful. Very creative use to make something so beautiful.
  2. I'm sure you will love it here (another floridian)
  3. Wetcanvas (not just painting, they have a fiber arts group, too), then crochetville. Love this place.
  4. Good for her! Her coping abilities are probably why is 98 and still going strong. I can relate -- during the blizzard of 1978 (I lived in the northeast then) I did a complete embroidery of a beautiful parrot on a blossoming cherry tree -- using silk thread. I crocheted through the two last Hurricanes Wilma and Charlie, when we didn't have power -- (eyes too old now to embroider without sufficient lighting). Finished one baby blanket and made a ton of washcloths!
  5. I'm sure you are going to enjoy it here. Welcome from SW FL. This is a great hobby to have during rainy season!
  6. :clapOOOOhhh I like this -- I have an orange and white kitty, so this will be fun to do!
  7. :cheerI think you did a great job! I know my cat AND my dog would love mats like this. Maybe when their old blankies wear out I will make them some new ones like these.
  8. :clapHe is cute, isn't he, like a previous poster, he goes into the "to do" pile for next year!
  9. Exquisite! Definitely got that holiday thing going on. What I like is that you could use it all winter, not just the holiday.
  10. Love it! You did a great job, I'm going to go find that right now so I can make some for Christmas next year. Thanks.
  11. :yayWelcome from the Naples area where it is COLD, COLD, COLD today (OK, I guess that's only by Florida standards).
  12. Thanks for the heads up! These are quite different and absolutely gorgeous. Can't fit them in for this christmas but next year, watchout!
  13. :lol The things we do for our pets! Mine (1 cat, 1 dog) make sure that when they want attention, they get attention! They are pretty good now about not messing with "Mom's" stuff, but I don't take any chances -- no baskets of projects on the floor, everything in covered and closed containers when I'm not there.
  14. I blame the lighting!!!! Can't they make lightbulbs with megawatt power for home use?????
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