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    Las Vegas, Nevada
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    Crocheting, Crafts, Knitting, & Reading
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    Became disabled a year ago
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    Ponchos, capelets & Shrugs
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    taught to crochet by my mother years ago, but really have been doing alot the last few months
  1. Would love to see your pattern but the pictures are not showing!
  2. Their fabulous!!! You did a great job on them! I really like the length! Thanks for sharing the pattern with us!
  3. It's gorgeous!!! All your hard work really paid off because it's one of the nicest scarves I've seen!
  4. I like your version so much better than the one in the pattern! It is so much nicer in one color and the Homespun yarn looks great!
  5. I love it! The pink camo is great and the pattern is great! Good job!
  6. Really cute! you did a great job on it!
  7. Their beautiful!!! You did a fabulous job on them!
  8. I love it! You did a great job on it!
  9. Wow!!! THat's beautiful and you did a fantastic job on it! So sorry to hear that you don't like it on you!
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