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  1. Once my hands get used to it again I may try doing it in size 80 and 100 so that it is a lil more refined than size 20 and 30
  2. Ok just want to see if I've still got it ????
  3. try this site http://www.starchsupplies.co.uk/index.php?cPath=21
  4. now now... men can still do several things at once...... I help my daughter with homework, crochet, watch tv, and talk to my wife....... as far as the jealousy it's more than likely he is wanting a lil marital benefit or a lil time just for the two of you. (man I'm going to get flamed for this)
  5. YOu can also use elastic seving thread and sc the straps (be sure to compress and half stratch the elastic at the end of each row.)with a size 10 thread using the elastic as a cord.
  6. i ususaly use aunt lydias size 10 for general use garments since it is rather durrable when worked up and has a large selection of colors at a fairly low price.
  7. Dzien Dobry Maja, powitanie do 'ville.
  8. a'ight....join me up ...... esp since i am already working on one
  9. welcome to the ville
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