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    house wife mother grandmother
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    i love to crochet
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    all kinds of things since i can now follow a pattern and it now all seems so easy and its so much fun until now i made simple afghans etc
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    since i was 8 years old but just recently taught myself to follow a pattern

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  1. that is so great ty so much for sharing it!!
  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww 2 cute and looks great wonderful work TFS
  3. thenk you so much for sending out this pattern i saw your work last week and i loves this afghan and wondered how it was done you do really nice work TFS Janny
  4. I am trying to figure out a way to get my gazelle out here to the living room i wont use it if i cant see the tv while i do it i may have to move my yarn out and put it in its in place (GASP) i hate the thought of moving my yarn i like it right here by me (the sacrifices we make) LOL Janny
  5. welcome to all new comers and away we go good luck to all I am starting my diet as of today we may need venting sessions LOL about those things we miss the most (I want my chocolate) waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Janny
  6. thank you hun I hope its the motivation i needed i gained weight after a full hysterectomy in 2001 went from 125 give or take to my current weight which is 220 omg i just realized i have gained 100 lbs wow it just hit me as i typed that lost dad 2003 quit smoking gained more etc etc and here i am today at this awful weight i also have fibromyalgia and i know the weight doesnt help me at all I just know im going to do this and i thank you for the support and the motivation I havent been a member of crochetville too long but already i love it and the great members im meeting I feel very honored
  7. ive decided i will make a hexagon and use the same pattern that mamabear272 will be using i like that pattern I will make a hexagon for every pound i lose and lets hope I make at least 70 Merry Merry Christmas to all
  8. just a thought instead of actually posting what we lose how bout we take a picture of the progress being made as it is made that way if we dont share its ok it just means it was a bad week etc. just a thought
  9. ok I am in i have a few pounds i planned on shedding this year i will have to think about the pattern ill use etc but i know id love to lose 70 lbs
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