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    house wife mother grandmother
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    i love to crochet
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    since i was 8 years old but just recently taught myself to follow a pattern
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    all kinds of things since i can now follow a pattern and it now all seems so easy and its so much fun until now i made simple afghans etc

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  1. grannyzkraftz

    Jacob's Snakes And Ladders blanket

  2. grannyzkraftz

    Smoothfox ripple

  3. grannyzkraftz

    my very first graph afghan

    I actually purchased it from Etsy it can be used for crochet or cross stitch
  4. grannyzkraftz

    my very first graph afghan

    I made this for my youngest son Cody he loves it now everyone wants one LOL
  5. grannyzkraftz

    Second Butterflies of Spring Afghan

    oh ty very much and WTG!!!
  6. grannyzkraftz

    Huge MAM finally done!

    beautiful TFS
  7. grannyzkraftz

    Bright Hexagons Blanket

    WOW!! that is amazing
  8. grannyzkraftz

    5-10 point STARBURST Round Ripple Pattern

    I just bought this pattern as well I can't wait to get it started :o)
  9. grannyzkraftz

    Newest Baby Designs

    wonderful work TYFS
  10. grannyzkraftz

    Second Butterflies of Spring Afghan

    does anyone know if this pattern has ever become available? I love it and would love to give it a go
  11. grannyzkraftz

    RR with no gaps

    woohoooo :cheer
  12. grannyzkraftz

    Joining Granny Squares

    hi and welcome to the ville if you go to attic24 Lucy has all kinds of neat things go to where it says joining squares as-you-go there she has illistrations on how to join them if you are still not sure and want to see it in video form go to hexagon how-to there she includes a link showing a video of how to join the hexagons it is the same method I hope this helps
  13. grannyzkraftz

    RR with no gaps

    oh wow i see this with a pretty pale yellow center and a pale rose maybe i am definately going to be looking for this pattern great work as always aggie may ty for all you do hun you rock!!
  14. grannyzkraftz


    that is fantastic!!! TFS
  15. WOW i am speechless!!