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  1. I am looking for locals here also that would like to get together and crochet,

    once a week would be fun.



    I am from KY as well. I am in Shelbyville. I attended the Knit-Out and Crochet on Sunday in Louisville. I was so motivated by it that I want to start a group in Shelbyville. Would anyone be interested?



  2. First thing you ever crocheted?


    Half double stitch afghan with ombre yarn.


    Strangest place you have crocheted?


    In a local club where my niece was having her bridal party


    Fave thing to make?


    Kids purses.


    Do you do charity stuff? If so, what?


    Angels for Hope--Angels, Butterflies and Smileys.


    Fave yarn?


    Simply Soft


    Fave hook? Size? Boye or Bates?




    Hardest thing you ever crocheted?


    Butterfly Doily that was done in pieces


    Is there anything about crochet that completely stumps you?


    Not really.



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