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  1. I would like to plan a gathering of local crocheters soon. I would like to be able to teach people to learn to crochet and in the process help our local Humane Society. They are in need of "snuggles" and the ones we teach, as well as the seasoned ones, can make these snuggles for the cats at the Humane Society. Let me know if anyone is interested. BTW, snuggles are blankets for the cats to lay on.



  2. That is wonderful you got your patterns published. :cheer I just received my copy today. I bought it off of Amazon.com. I had a gift certificate.


    I was a little disappointed with it though. It appears there were a lot of patterns that were published by the editor. :think


    I heard others who had patterns published that their yarn was changed as well. Has anyone else have this problem?


    I was considering submitting for the 2007 calendar, now I'm not so sure. Any thoughts from anyone who submitted and was published, as well as those who submitted and was not published?



  3. Hello all KY Crocheters!


    Yes, I finally have an online group now. If you are interested it is called Shelbyville Needlecrafters on Yahoo. Not sure how do the direct link in my message. Come join us. We need some excitement. Haven't pinned down an actual physical group yet, but I'm working on it.



    Shelbyville, KY

  4. I remember Shelbyville having great antiques.


    I have a funny family story about Shelbyville. . .I have a daughter named Shelby, and my nephew is just 3 months younger than her, so they are pretty close.


    When he was about 3 years old, my SIL told him they were going to Shelbyville for the day. We had moved to Missouri, and they couldn't see each other very much anymore. When they got there, he was distraught - he told her, "I thought you said we were going to visit Shelby!" :eek


    (They are both 12 now, and I'm pretty sure neither of them would find this amusing anymore:P )


    That is too funny! Thanks for the welcome.



  5. Hello All!


    I found this group from a link sent from a member of a discussion group. I am from Shelbyville, KY and just moved here in May 2005 due to my husband being relocated with his job. We were in the Pittsburgh, PA area previously. I love it here in Kentucky. It seems so peaceful and the people are so nice.


    I enjoy crocheting anything. I especially enjoy making small items due to getting the self-satisfaction of completing something. Nice to meet you all and hope to be chatting with you all.



    Shelbyville, KY

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