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  1. I work at home, so yes I crochet at work.... I do medical transcription from home. So, when I get really frustrated or just do not feel like working, I crochet or knit. Hope Shelbyville, KY
  2. I think my favorite items are doilies, thread crochet. People think it takes so much time to make them and are amazed at how detailed they are. Hope Shelbyville, KY
  3. I have my stuff everywhere. I have two tall filing cabinets full of yarn. One is for yarn and the other one is for thread....yep a full filing cabinet of thread. I do have one drawer, top drawer of my thread cabinet, for hooks. I also have a cedar chest full in my bedroom, and a huge basket behind my recliner chair with currently used yarns...that seems to be turning into a throw everything in basket . I think eventually everything will end up in a room by itself...if I can only get one of the kids to move out . Just kidding. Hope Shelbyville, KY
  4. Hello Hardy from Shelbyville, KY! I, too, am a subscriber of your new CAL club. I just love it. Your work is wonderful. Welcome! Hope Shelbyville, KY
  5. Hey Fizzle! I'm right now the road from you. I'm in Shelbyville. I would love to get together. Give me a holler some time. Hope Shelbyville, KY
  6. You can also try the free crochet along at Hassdesigns.com. They have a Little Hearts Doily crochet along that is free. After completing that you can try the crochet along club that he has for a great price of $25 and you get a bunch of crochet alongs as well. One is for curtains. If you were to buy each crochet along by itself it would cost $90. This is a great deal. I love thread and this is wonderful. I'm not affiliated with them at all, just very excited about it. Try it out, you have nothing to lose and every thing to gain. Hope Shelbyville, KY
  7. I totally agree with the free patterns appearing in paid magazines. I was just venting about this the other day. Thanks for posting your point. I agree 100%. Hope Shelbyville, KY
  8. This is wonderful! I can't wait. I may have a few submissions for subsequent issues. Hope Shelbyville, KY
  9. That is cool! I can understand why it will be the last for a while. There seems to be a lot of changing colors. It looks great though. Hope Shelbyville, KY
  10. That is the cutest! I just love cats Hope
  11. Hello Gina! Welcome from Shelbyville, KY Hope
  12. Welcome Cheryl! I too "was" from Western PA. I lived in an area called Hunker. Do you know it? Hope Shelbyville, KY
  13. I just learned to knit this year at the Louisville Knit and Crochet Out. I caught on fairly quick. I taught myself how to bind off with the help of the web. I have a book regarding the different knitting stitches and have a whole set of bamboo knitting needles I won off of E-bay, as well as three sets of circular bamboo knitting needles. Since the holidays will be over soon, I plan to work on knitting. I would like to knit in between crochet items to avoid a burn out. Hope Shelbyville, KY
  14. Hello and welcome from Shelbyville, KY Hope
  15. Hello and welcome from Shelbyville, KY Hope
  16. Hello and welcome from Shelbyville, KY Hope
  17. Hello and welcome from Shelbyville, KY Hope
  18. Hello and Welcome from Shelbyville, KY Hope
  19. Hi and welcome from Shelbyville, KY Hope
  20. Hi and welcome from Shelbyville, KY Hope
  21. Hi and Welcome from Shelbyville, KY Hope
  22. Welcome Kate, from Shelbyville, KY. Hope
  23. Hello Dana, I'm from Shelbyville, KY. My daughter who is 13 knows how to crochet, but is not really motivated to make anything yet. Welcome and nice to see some locals. Hope
  24. I am working on this as well. I plan to have a learn to knit and learn to crochet get together locally to make these snuggles for the Shelbyville Humane Society. If anyone is interested to join in, contact me. Hope Shelbyville, KY
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