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  1. I would consider myself an advanced, bordering on expert. There really is not much I cannot make and have started to write my own patterns. Now, mind you, this is strictly plain crocheting with yarn/thread, not beads, wire, etc. I have done doilies, table runners, coasters all in thread; I have done ponchos, sweaters, stuffed animals, tunisian, tapestry, etc. I think in order to rate someone it depends on the different stitches you know how to do and different items you can make and whether you can design. All in all, it does not matter what level you are, as long as you enjoy what y
  2. I *was* from Hunker, PA (40 miles east of Pittsburgh) until June when we moved to Shelbyville, KY. I lived in Pennsylvania for 27 years. I love it here in KY. My mom moved here with us last month as well. Hope
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