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  1. I have been checking everyone;s posts out and checking all the patterns out! will come up with something i'm sure! then comes the fun part of chosing yarn colors. i am the worst at picking a color and then changing my mind a thousand times before i finally decide on what color i will go with! thanks again, any more suggestions just keep them coming!! thanks again!
  2. i am looking for a really tight stitch afghan to make. i have made the ripple afghans and the navajo afghans, would like to make the afghan stitch afghans but the stitches always roll on me but i want a afghan that is tight, almost like a big blanket when you are done and heavy. something solid with no holes. does anyone have any suggestions? i perfer something that doesn't have to be put together such as squares as i don't do to well with strips or squares, more one pattern. I saw a beautiful pattern at a festival not to long ago that was almost three dimensional and very thick but the lady that made it couldn't remember what pattern it was she crochet it from! if anyone has any suggestions on one to share, i would love to hear it. or if you have a secret on how to keep the afghan stitch from rolling when you make it, i'm open to that as well! thanks!
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