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  1. Dot, I'm so glad I was able to find this today! I started this pattern 2-3 years ago and absolutely love it to use up scraps. I put it away before moving and just found it the other day, and posted a pic on my blog yesterday for WIP Wednesday. I knew others would ask for the pattern, and I didn't remember where I'd seen it. I started poring through the afghan page at CPC and there you were! I'm glad I found it so I could give proper credit. This post links back here to your pattern.
  2. I did the Lion Brand Easy Triangle shawl shown on my blog here and where they used fringe, I did a simple shell border. Looked fine to me. I don't know if a shell border would look right with a shell already in the pattern, but give it a try and see.
  3. I'm still in Ohio at present, but have lived several places in NC. Jacksonville and Hubert area a few times, Monroe, Durham, Wake Forest, Knightdale. I'm hoping to be back in NC within the next few months, just haven't decided where I want to go yet. Being on a very limited income, it has to be CHEAP. Was thinking about Shelby, or maybe somewhere around Goldsboro or Kinston.
  4. Oh goodness, I remember Sayelle from when I was a teenager (I'm 51). There are a lot of mills in Manchester NH where I grew up and I want to say that may even have been manufactured there at one point. I can't be sure, but it sure does ring a bell about place that my Mom and her sister worked. Nice find! (and kudos to hubby!)
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