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    Married with two sons and two dogs :)
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    Hampshire, UK
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    sewing, reading, writing...
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    Stay at home Mum for now.
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    Sept. 2005 but I don't crochet very often!!
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  1. Dreamingintx

    Why are my granny squares looking a bit round?!

    Thank you all. I think I've got it now my corners have more chains in them. It was definitely the lack of them pulling my squares out of shape X
  2. Dreamingintx


    He is absolutely beautiful! I love his little face!
  3. Dreamingintx


    She's brilliant!
  4. Dreamingintx

    Why are my granny squares looking a bit round?!

    Hi all, thank you so much. It was the corners that needed some work and double the number of stitches they were getting! My blanket is in progress lol
  5. Maybe somebody might be able to help me! Despite hanging around here for years I still think of myself as a beginner when it comes to crochet. I'm trying to stitch a really simple granny square and as far as I know I'm following the pattern correctly but unless I tug the finished piece into a square it looks kind of round! Is there anything obvious that you can think of that I'm doing wrong? X
  6. Dreamingintx

    More daisy coasters

    I adore the bright coloured set. Really cute!
  7. Dreamingintx

    Beachy Bag - With Hemp and Cotton

    That's lovely
  8. Dreamingintx

    Jungle Toy

    Looks really amazing, and tough to stitch! Well done X
  9. Dreamingintx


    *waves* from Southampton
  10. Dreamingintx

    hellooo from southampton uk

    Hello! I'm near Southampton! Message me if you want to keep in touch, I don't know any local crochet peeps!
  11. Dreamingintx

    Hi from the UK

    Welcome! I'm nr Southampton UK
  12. Dreamingintx

    Shark slippers for my co- worker

    Brilliant!! Very cool!
  13. Dreamingintx

    Just how old are you?

    I'm 31 and started in my twenties.
  14. Dreamingintx

    Hello, from Preston, UK

    Welcome to the forums! I used to live in Preston!
  15. Dreamingintx

    Hi from Jersey Shore Nana

    Welcome to the forums!