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  1. Hi I'm working on these towel toppers too and i don't sew, so what i did was cut my towel in half and and fold a bit of the ragged edge over and i have a small pair of my mom's scissors from when she was a seamstress and they are very pointy and sharp and i poke holes in that seam as i go along and crochet a sc in each hole across....depending on the quality of towel, i can put in up to 65 sc stitches. I hope this helps as I like these, and I've been making kitchen sets for ppl here and I include 2 towel toppers, two dish cloths, two hot pads, and two scrubbie/dishclothes. XOXO rori
  2. Hi Jennifer, Welcome to this fabulous group! I see you run a home daycare and keep your hands busy. If you ever want to meet up, I got to Norman all the time as i'm only in Moore...Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays are the best for me right now as that is when my hubby is off. Would love to meet up and crochet some things together and chat. XOXO looking forward to hearing from you. my email is rori381 (at)yahoo (dot)com. hope you understand that rori
  3. Fantastic Anne, Love the colors and the pattern, You did a swell job. XOXO rori
  4. Sherri, a lil hint to working with thin black yarn, is to put a white sheet or pillow case on your lap while you work, it helps to see the project as you go along. It's going to be beautiful when your done! XOXO be blessed rori
  5. Great Job, they both look fantastic, how hard do you find it to sew a lining inside the bag? I'm not good at sewing stuff. be blessed, rori
  6. WTG Drew, That's awesome, Congrats on your publication, keep up the good work. Be Blessed rori
  7. That is simply beautiful and amazing, you did an awesome job!!!! XOXO rori
  8. Ally, I have the magazine and pattern if you still need it, just let me know. you can email me or something. rori
  9. Yes the cystic fibrosis colors for their awareness ribbon is purple, and some people even put a red rose on it also. I think the simply soft yarn would be wonderful to use, but than you want to be sure to get the colors you want too in the brand you plan to use. Blessings, rori
  10. Hi Granny, I'm from Moore, and I just got done meeting with some awesome women from here, we had a get together on Saturday and it was nice to meet the faces behind the nicks. Where abouts in Oklahoma are you from? Welcome to the group rori
  11. I'm making the Harry Potter scarves also, i'm making 6 of them, but i'm not knitting them at all, i'm making them 32 stitches across, DC and working that in 9 rows each of burgandy and gold. They are coming out real nice. The only thing i can think of to create that knitting stitch without knitting is to buy one of those circular things that you wind your yarn on and pull the yarn over and it makes these really pretty round scarves. I've seen these hanging on an end cap at Michael's. Sweet Blessings, Rori
  12. Hi Rebecca, I would love to be a tester for this hat. I sent you an email also. Thanx in advance. The hat is adorable. XOXO rori
  13. Hi Sally, Welcome to the group, this is an awesome forum with terrific people and tons of talent. What part of Oklahoma are you from? I'm sure you'll find what your looking for here. blessings XOXO rori
  14. Hi Marla, Welcome aboard. Nice to have you join the group, your gonna love it here. XOXO rori
  15. Welcome to the board Wendy, I live in Oklahoma currently, but i have a ton of friends down in Austin area....so perhaps when you get back there, and I'm down there visiting, we can hook up. LOL i made a funny. sorry. I hope you enjoy being on this forum as much as I do. XOXO rori
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