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    I'm retired from PA Labor & Industry (one of those dreaded "state workers") and enjoy crochet.
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    Live in cabin in woods of central PA
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    Crochet, read, knit, make ornaments
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    Contracts/Financial Analyst - Retired
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    Since 1968
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    Small stuff, afghan blocks, etc
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  1. A terrific FGM from WV sent me a wonderful:clappackage. It included recipes for doggie biscuits & good doggy cookies, and most importantly, enough fun-size Butterfingers to last me at least a week. PLUS a couple of packs of Butterfinger-flavored hot chocolate mix. (I never heard of that before...) AND patterns for knit and crochet scarves. I have been blessed by the butterfinger angel. Thanks to you again, my wonderful FGM in WV!
  2. I know it's too late to vote on the poll, but is it too late to join in a swap?
  3. Today my husband opened a package that came in the mail for me. He normally doesn't do that, but he was hungry - and what did he pull out but a package of fun-size BUTTERFINGERS!!! :cheer I managed to save them from him - reminded him he has to eat healthy and I don't. (...welllllll) Then he found cookie cutters shaped like bones and a dog - for me to make my doggie treats!:clap And then he pulled out a skein of Christmassy I Love This Yarn:cheer:clap. And also a nice note from a FGM somewhere in the wilds of KS. I'm making afghan squares now and will find a suitable pattern to show off the red, green & white - it feels so soft yet sturdy! What a wonderful package of gifts! And so thoughtful to include the dog treat cutters - thanks so much to L in KS!!!:hug
  4. I'd like to thank a great FGM from Kansas who sent me a link to a site with so many doggie treat recipes that i'll be trying them for years! :cheer I don't cook for humans, but I'll bake for our 5 furry fluffy fast and fearsome doggy family! :yes:yes
  5. Thanks for the lovely Christmas card from my west coast elf crew member!! Brightened up my day!
  6. I'll give it a try! But with my habits, I'll probably be so far in the negative hole that you'll never get me back to daylight... Will wait to start until Jan. 1.
  7. Today I received a small package in the mail. A brown envelope - hmmmm. And LO! When I opened it, a red felt circle with crocheted thread snowflake ornament jumped into my hands! And then, just as I was quivering with anticipation, I pulled out a pack of BUTTERFINGERS! Oh how sweet!!! I immediately had to hide them, because my husband started reaching..... But I know where they are - just waiting for my next attack of peanutbutter/chocoholism to strike. Thank you to my dear ELF from LITITZ in Lancaster County PA!!!
  8. But - can't you just go into Wikipedia and change their definition?
  9. A very artistic and creative elf in Canada sent me a lovable Santa pattern to crochet! Since I am also known as "Mrs Claus," I collect lots of different kinds of Santas. Thank you so much!
  10. annie, i am praying for you and your husband, that you both will have the strength to get through each day as it comes. do you have a hospice in your area? they will provide nursing and daily needs care for him, also give you a break by sending a companion volunteer to sit with him (I do this for a hospice here in PA) and just be company, read, sing, pray - whatever he needs. and also do the same for you. you don't have to do it all alone, annie. i know you both must be feeling pretty bad and sad and helpless, etc - but accept any help that is offered to you. God does not want you to go through this by yourself. your friend, sharon
  11. I'd like to join this RAOK; my ten wishes are for: bamboo crochet hooks - larger sizes handmade lions (i'm a Lion Club member & president) holiday cards with personal notes - bright card arrived with note! wrist warmers - need fingers out to drive simple santa crochet patterns - one appeared today! leftover ww yarns - no wool please itch, scratch.. cup cozy for my 16 oz teas... yellow! butterfingers - got a pack of 10 in the mail!:cheerplus thread ornament! shopping bag made of plastic bags these things keep a little ol' lady (aka Mrs.Claus) hoppin!
  12. Welcome from chilly central PA!
  13. Welcome from chilly central PA!
  14. Welcome from cool and cloudy central PA! I grew up in western PA, came to this area to work in Harrisburg, now retired. My sister moved to west coast of FL several years ago, lives near Englewood. She crochets, too.
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