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    mom of two
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    Regina, Saskatchewan Canada
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    crocheting, reading, music, baking
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    Caps and scarfs
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  1. I read somewhere that the lady that started CrochetPatternCentral started a new site. Is this true?
  2. Anyone know of a good join as you go square? I have a load of yarn to use up.
  3. It looks as if it's US only delivery. Guess I won't be able to get it.
  4. Lily / Sugar'n Cream #571004, Garden Grows or Bernat #530222, Garden Grows If amyone can find this for me I'd be ever so happy.
  5. Bought it this afternoon. Can't wait to make it. I'll be using plastic canvas nylon yarn for the middle.
  6. Got the pattern. Thank you LegalWoman17. I can't wait to make this.
  7. This is a free pattern from Michael's(a tear sheet I guess). I can't find it in Canada(where I live). Does anyone have one they could send me? Thanks a lot, Rhonda
  8. Just got a hook in the mail today. Anyone have some scarf, dishcloth etc. patterns that are good? Thanks.
  9. I hae been asked by a friend to make a couple of caps for his daughter. She was born 14 weeks early and is about a month and a half old. What patterns do you like and what about sizing? Thanks everyone.
  10. Any crocheters from Regina Saskatchewan ?
  11. I've seen knit patterns for these. anyone know of a crocheted pattern? TY.
  12. milesbaby

    Gym Bag

    Can anyone help me? I want to find a pattern for a bag to carry my shoes, shirt, etc. to the gym. Thanks for your help.
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