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  1. HI ALL!! I have been crocheting since i was about 15. My mom taught me. I also taught myself to knit and needlepoint among other crafts I am nearly 40 so its been awhile. Ive made blankets, scarfs, sweaters, socks - some crochet some knit. I have some issues with granny squares that im hopeful someone here can help me with...
  2. disler

    Granny Square Help

    also when im changing colors I have similar "fraying/unfraying" probs -- do I use the glue and also leave a 6" tail and weave it in also??
  3. Ive made 2 granny square blankets and my grandmother-in-law has made many. NONE of the ones she has made has EVER come unraveled from wash or wear yet my 2 have BOTH come unraveled at different places. What am I doing wrong? I slip stich them together with the border colors and knot and then weave in the ends, yet they continue to unravel. Any help would be great!! THANKS!!! I would really like to make one for a good friend of mine but Im afraid that I will do it and it will unravel. He lives in FLA and I live in NJ and then if that happens I wont be able to fix it for him!! HELP!!!
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