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  1. Dawn143

    Savannah Dawn's Layette and Extras

    Beautiful items.. very pretty.. I love her name.. I'm so glad she is doing well..My new grandbaby's middle name will be Dawn also.. Alessandra Dawn.. Due in Sept... I can hardly wait.. GBU!
  2. Dawn143

    Fresh off the hook, Baby dress

    What precious dress... Love the colors too.. GBU!
  3. Dawn143

    Playful Puppy Car Seat Canopy

    I just love this.. the puppy is darling... Going to be a first time Grandma in Sept.. This would be another great gift.. Thanks for the pattern.. GBU!
  4. Dawn143

    Diaper Covers Measuerments

    Thank you for the info, I'll check them out.. GBU!
  5. Dawn143

    pineapple dress for baby

    Gorgeous! Love the pineapple items.. GBU!
  6. Hi Everyone, My first grandbaby will be born in Sept, so I'm crocheting up a storm (with carpal tunnel in both hands, ouch) Anyway, I've made a diaper cover and was wondering if someone knows the measurements for them. It's the type that is open, lays flat, and you fold up the short end to the waist.. Like a pamper diaper.. I was wondering how long they should be from waist to bottom and the back waist, how wide.. The waist folds around to the front to fasten.. I'm asking, cuz it looks so small.. Thanks for the help.. GBU! Dawn
  7. Dawn143

    Peach Pinafore & Booties

    What a very, very pretty baby set, love the color.. GBU!
  8. Dawn143

    ABC Afghans

    Very, very nice.. love the different colors.. GBU!
  9. Dawn143

    All the EdgeryDoo afghans...New one added 5/29/12

    Oh wow!!! They are all great.. love each one! GBU!:)
  10. Dawn143

    Susi the Kitty..tested

    She's sooo adorable.. love the mouse.. Nice work! GBU!:)
  11. Dawn143


    Awwww.. it's sooo cute Peggy... Love it! GBU!:)
  12. Dawn143

    Violets in the Snow

    Very pretty... Love the colors.. Nice work! GBU!:)
  13. Dawn143

    Hats For Little Girls - Image Heavy

    They're all so pretty.. Love them all! GBU!:)
  14. Dawn143

    Spiral Scrubbie

    Love your scrubbie... I'll have to make a few.. GBU!:)
  15. Dawn143

    Divine Hat #6 + Ribbed Scarf

    Love your hat & scraf... I do hope she gets to use it once in awile.. Nice work! GBU!:)