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  1. What an amazing stunning RR..love it.. The colors really make it stand out.. GBU!:)
  2. Beautiful work! I think the green looks like the pink kitty, only a different pose.. I tried finding the pattern for this and had no luck.. Where did you find yours?.. I wonder if a person could use baby or fingering yarn instead of thread?.. You wouldn't have to worry about shrinkage as with the cotton thread.. I would love to make one for my daughter if and when I become a granny..(I hate that word..LOL).. GBU!:)
  3. Dawn143

    Pooh & Friends

    Oh wow!! You did an awesome job on all of them.. I have the book too but never have made them... I think what held me up was the fact that they seem to be so big.. What size did yours come out to be?.. GBU!:)
  4. Love that movie.. wish I could help. I agree the crocheted things are awesome.. GBU!:)
  5. Love this square... really neat looking.. Thanks for the pattern... GBU!:)
  6. Absoluetly beautiful!! Looks warm & cozy!... Great job! GBU!:)
  7. Thank you Colleen for sharing your pattern... You do such wonderful work! GBU!:)
  8. It turned out great!!! Good job! Looks wonderful on your counter..I'll have to try it after making my turtles....Thanks for sharing.. GBU!:)
  9. :)Susan, if you design your own, I'd love the pattern too.... I have the KA mixer also.... Altho I did buy a cover at Kohl's couple years ago.. Wouldn't mind a more cheerful looking one... Good Luck! GBU!
  10. That's cute! Love how you used your scraps... GBU!:)
  11. It's sooooooo pretty....I love your colors...they look so great together. I started one but haven't finished it yet.... guess I better get my act together.... Yours looks great! GBU!:)
  12. WOW! Those are great looking doll's wardrobe...You do fantasic work! GBU!:)
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